Henry Dale Goltz

PO Box 690126

San Antonio, Texas






December 1, 2005


Mr. Vic Dietz

8700 Tesoro Drive

Suite 500

San Antonio, Texas [78217]


Dear Mr. Dietz:


Firstly, thank you for allowing me to record our meeting yesterday.  I understand that you could have refused since I did not request it in advance.  I appreciate your understanding.


Secondly, I have enclosed copies of our joint tax returns for the years 1999 through 2004.  Each one has an attached statement, which is a necessary and integral part of the Form 1040 that we filed each year.  Please do take serious notice of the attachments as they explain our filings and our understanding of the income tax law and applicable Supreme Court cases.  We have never been informed by any IRS employee of any errors in our understandings.  Therefore, we have assessed ourselves with zero income.  Attached to one of the returns is a letter from our congressperson, Mr. Henry Bonilla.  In it he leads us to believe that there is no law requiring one to pay income taxes since he can find no such law. 


Hopefully, you will receive these documents prior to our meeting on Tuesday.





Henry Dale Goltz



Copies of Joint Tax Returns for 1999 through 2004