July 4, 2003

Dear Mr. President, George W. Bush,

I hope that Mr. Paul Bremer is not Jewish. I remember reading that when Britain conquered Palestine in 1917 they installed Sir Herbert Samuel, a Jew, to be the first high commissioner of Palestine, a country where Jews and Christians made up only a small minority. Palestine had been mostly Muslim Arabs for 1400 years prior to that. This ultimately led to the establishment of a so called "homeland for the Jews." Now there is no Palestine. As a born again Christian, I protest that we no longer have a Christian nation in America and it is American Jews that insist that we cannot. If I cannot have a Christian homeland, why can Jews have a Jewish homeland? And further I am now a real Jew and part of the real "new Jerusalem" that God sent down to earth in Christ Jesus. The new Israel was established by the life, death, resurrection and ascension of the entire cosmos by the operation of God in Christ Jesus, who contained the galaxies in his body. I am the new Israel and all other Christians. The modern "state of Israel" in Palestine will continue in its eternal state of war with God and man because they are not redeemed and they take by force what is not theirs with the help of the Christian West that has been deceived into believing they somehow deserve this land.

But we know from John Locke, (2nd Treatise of Government) the great Christian Political Scientist, that the establishment of legitimate government can only be based upon the consent of the inhabitants. And once left and abandoned cannot be restored by any other act besides a renewed consent of the inhabitants. This is why the Republic of Texas is not legitimate in Texas. I sense we are duplicating this error in Iraq and every other nation we conquer. I will not forsake the 2000 year progress of Christian political science to adopt some outcome based "eschatology" made up by some "theologian." The principles of civil government are established by the progress of Christian philosophers and political scientists and apply to all nations and people everywhere. The modern state of Israel cannot be outside the Christian fundamentals of civil government that come from Christ Jesus himself and a revelation of what he has done in the world to make all men equal. I believe we are duplicating in Iraq, the British error in Palestine. I also believe the only reason Sharon is buying your "road map to peace in the Middle East" is because we are neutralizing every Arab nation in the world, all to establish a nation that was never built upon a legitimate foundation or the rock of Christ Jesus.

It is bad enough that those that will rebuild Iraq will be the new owners and that it will be done with Jewish banking money as Mr. Paul Bremer has stated in talking to Citicorp and J.P. Morgan, who's historic connections with the Rothschild Jewish banking monopoly is clear. (re: ). It is also obvious that we are serving Jewish interests in the Middle East and following a plan made by Jews, such as Wolfowitz, in the Middle East. We should maintain our own sovereignty as George Washington admonished us in his farewell address. To be fair with other nations in the world we should be sure that unredeemed Jews, seeking a false homeland on earth, do not run our foreign policy and steal our sovereignty. This is a mistake of cosmic antichrist proportion. Since you have stated that you are a born again Christian, I know you will appreciate these remarks and their seriousness. For Christ himself will return shortly and appoint to every man his reward for service and judge the nations. Will our nation be found supporting the Christ rejecting house of Israel or the risen Savior of all mankind? I truly believe that it is our own un-American foreign policy, described by George Washington, that has seeded terrorism in the world. To truly fight terrorism we must become sovereign and fair with all nations with no permanent alliance with any including the ill founded modern state of Israel. If our economy is to perish over night as a result of our severance with Israel, so be it, in the name of Christ and all honesty and patriotism, God will help us in Christ Jesus.

Ron Avery