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From: Ronald F. Avery <ronavery@ev1.net>
To: Ron Avery <ronavery@ev1.net>
Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 12:41 AM


Dear Editor,

Again Congress is pretending that it is innocent of the fallen economy in America. This new bill pushed by Bush with “meaningful reforms” where the “investor” will select stocks based upon value is irrelevant. The investor has already lost his wealth (7.7 Trillion since May 2000) to be a meaningful player in the stock market. What kind of meaningful reform is there without lawful currency based upon intrinsic value, i.e., gold and silver?

The congress is responsible for the beginning of the end in the US. They permitted the world bankers to remove gold as lawful constitutional currency and now we have the result twice, both in 1929 and 2003. J.P. Morgan, Rothschild’s representative in America, Warburg and several other New York bankers were at the heart of the removal of moral and ethical currency and are at the heart of the crash of 29 and the pending crash of 2003. It took a full 10 years for the crash of 29 to set in and that is what we are looking at in the first decade of 2000. There is no ethics in the corporate world without legal currency. Congress is responsible for the fraud in accounting and fake worthless currency. J.P. Morgan and the New York bankers are behind Enron and Worldcom paper fraud.

Have you ever considered the connection between “homeland security” and the fall of Worldcom, the second largest carrier of phone service, and the fall of Enron, a major fuel transmission company? You might want to consider what happens when the citizen figures out what their congress has done to them. You might want to consider why Bush doesn’t want a probe into what was known by our government in relation to WTC destruction. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/05/15/attack/main509096.shtml




Ronald F. Avery