Dear Mr. Jennings,

AG Ashcroft said in regard to what some have said is his motivation in the desire to have the "Patriot Act" passed, "The truth of the matter is, I'm more concerned about the judgment of eternity. When I look in the mirror, I want to be able to think that, in the presence and in the sight of God, I will have done my utmost to serve this country with honesty and integrity. That's the most important thing." If he is the Christian that I have heard that he is with his prayer meetings in the hall before work every morning he should consider that Jesus Christ is the "homeland" for Jews first and then all other men. Therefore, the modern state of "Israel" has no Biblical foundation as Christ Jesus fulfills all promises to the Jewish people. But as Christ said "the children of the kingdom shall be cast out." But Ashcroft and all other Americans in the first Christian Republic on earth, i.e., the USA, should not be caught up in this antichrist agenda behind the establishment of modern day Israel.

That leaves Jews with only one way to establish a legitimate government in Palestine. That is by the consent of the inhabitants. But those people are Palestinians and it is clear they don't want a Jewish homeland as the only government on the globe in Palestine. God has established the principles of civil government through the discoveries and blood of the Christian patriots ahead of us. All Americans in the Christian nation of the United States should abandon all relationships with "Israel" if they do not want to perish with the brightness of the coming of Christ Jesus as will all of Christ rejecting Israel.

Now what can we say about the "Patriot Act?" It is an antichrist agenda against the Christian patriots of America and the ugly fruit of a rotten foreign policy polluted by the power of fraudulent currency created and pushed on the USA by Jewish bankers who now rule our foreign policy.

It's hard to write in this little box here on your website. But I think I have said something in this you can understand. Fear not terror or tyranny. Fear the return of Christ.



Ron Avery

Citizen of New Jerusalem that came down from Heaven in the person of Jesus Christ to create the present Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Amen