Ronald Franklin Avery

1933 Montclair

Seguin, Texas 78155



February 9, 2009


Ken Peters, Pastor

Chairman of Investigative Committee

New Braunfels Presbyterian Church

373 Howard Street

New Braunfels, Texas 78130


Dear Rev. Peters,


Thank you for your letter of February 6th 2009 informing me of the progress of the Investigative Committee and its desire to interview several members of my Sunday school class, “which is an important topic in our discussions.” I am happy to comply with your request to supply the names and contact information for all members of our class with any knowledge of the facts involved and you may randomly select any one or more for interview. I have added the list to the back of this letter.

I would like to recall your attention to the nature and extent of my Accusation against my good friend Rev. Dr. Carl McCauley. The Investigative Committee asked me to summarize what my accusation was in my interview and I want to repeat it herein to aid the committee in what evidence it should be looking for in all these interviews with various members of First Presbyterian Church in Seguin, Texas.

My accusation against Dr. McCauley has two parts; first that he did not use the constitutional method of censoring me in the Presbyterian Church (USA) as described in Chapter 10 of the Rules of Discipline in the Book of Order of the PCUSA[1] and second that he censored me contrary to the Holy Scriptures made Part I of the Constitution of the PCUSA in the Book of Confessions.[2]

In order to dismiss my accusation without recommending that the PCUSA file charges against Dr. Rev. McCauley for failing to censor me following the constitutional process, evidence must be found that Rev. McCauley filed an accusation against me with the Session and that the Session established an Investigative Committee (IC) to find evidence that I was in need of the censure of censorship. After the IC found that I was in need of this censure and I refused to voluntarily submit to censorship then the Session would have to form the Prosecuting Committee to conduct a Trial by a jury of members and find me guilty of the need for the censure of censorship. Then there must be evidence found that all of this was done and that the results of the trial finding me guilty were issued by the Session to me in writing. The IC of the Mission Presbytery will not find this evidence anywhere as none of this took place. Therefore, the first part of my accusation against Rev. McCauley cannot be dismissed without charges being recommended to Mission Presbytery. I do believe that it is Rev. McCauley’s burden to show this evidence that he filed an accusation against me. For this reason it would be better to interview the Session to find any evidence of the constitutional process being used to censor me. A list of all the members of the Session and their contact information has been provided in my Prayer for Lift of Censorship against Ronald F. Avery on page 25.

In order to dismiss the second part of my accusation against Rev. McCauley, evidence must be found that Rev. Carl McCauley’s desire to censure me with the punishment of censorship was in keeping with the Holy Scriptures contained in the Book of Confessions. It is also Rev. McCauley’s burden to show evidence that my speech, or written material, or videos that I passed out contained information that was heretical in some way according to the Book of Confessions.

I have provided evidence to the Mission Presbytery IC that Rev. McCauley did not censor one of our Sunday school members, Johnny McDonald, when he talked about his belief in reincarnation described by Edgar Cayce.[3] Rev. McCauley did not address this issue at all in class or anywhere else to my knowledge. Reincarnation is against the Holy Scriptures as contained in the Book of Confessions. Johnny McDonald also expressed that he did not know how to prove Christianity was superior to other religions. This too was never addressed in class or elsewhere or censored.

My statements in class and the DVDs that I gave out in class containing facts that prove the government conspiracy theories incorrect is not the holding of an idea that is contrary to the Book of Confessions of Part I of the Constitution of the PCUSA. Just recently Pope Benedict XVI has been criticized by Israel and the Jews for reinstating Bishop Richard Williamson after his 20 year excommunication for a disagreement over the appropriate language to be used in the celebration of Mass.[4] However, Bishop Williamson also denies that 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers.[5] Fellay, one of the reinstated Bishops defended the Pope’s action to reinstate Bishop Williamson by saying: “To deny the Holocaust is not a heresy even though it is a lie.” The Rev. Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, said Williamson's views were “absolutely indefensible.” But he denied that rehabilitating Williamson implied that the Vatican shared them. “They are his personal ideas ... that we certainly don't share but they have nothing to do with the issue of the excommunication and the removal of the excommunication.”

Further, Pope Benedict XVI has not censured Bishop Williamson with silence for his denying the existence of gas chambers in German prison camps sufficient to gas 6 million Jews. Neither did the Pope censure the Bishop with silence for preaching that the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centers were not brought down by jets but by well placed explosive charges under a long period of secured access and that no 757 did the damage at the Pentagon and that all the lies told by the U.S. government about 911 is hastening the creation of the police state world wide under the false doctrine of global terrorism.[6]

My accusation against my good friend Carl McCauley also involves similar attributes of the recent Catholic problem. There are two considerations to determine in the second part of my accusation against Carl McCauley. The first consideration is the irrelevance of the correctness of my views and material handed out to class. And the second consideration is the additional weight of this issue because of the truthfulness of the 911 facts I have provided compelling the PCUSA to become active against U.S. government sponsored lies.

The first consideration of the second part of my accusation cannot be dismissed based upon any potential incorrectness of the information that I passed out in class because those matters do not involve a violation of the Book of Confessions of the PCUSA Constitution. The information that I have stated and passed out about the events of 911 do not challenge any theological doctrine of the PCUSA contained in the Book of Confessions of the Constitution of the PCUSA. If my ideas and facts were erroneous I would still have an equal right with those of my class to express them as others have expressed their erroneous theological concepts violating the doctrines of the Book of Confession of the Constitution of the PCUSA.

The second consideration of the second part of my accusation should be the more sustained upon the realization that the information I have spoken as an architect and student of the facts of the so-called “terror attacks of 911” are correct. It is irrelevant if one or all the members of my class were disturbed by my statements and DVDs and material I handed out regarding the facts that have surfaced since 9/11/01 that prove the government conspiracy theory that “radical extremist Islamo-fascists terrorists” destroyed the World Trade Center and killed over 3000 people by hijacking and crashing four jetliners. The truthfulness of the government conspiracy theory regarding the events of 911 are the foundation of everything our government is doing right now including our unlawful occupation of Iraq, and Afghanistan, and bailing out bankers to the tune of 900 billion dollars and another “economic stimulus package” of 800 billion dollars.

Our Sunday school class study material selected from books provided by Rev. McCauley assume many unproven theories about 911 and bring up many issues related to the events of 911 wherein I have been censored from challenging with facts in my possession:


“there are some scholars who think that we have entered a new era in our worldview: a new time where some of the old assumptions about how to understand the world no longer apply.” [7]


The above quote from Foote and Thornburg sets the tone for many presumptions about the need to change our assumptions in the so-called “postmodern era” regarding terrorism, domestic terrorists, like Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Murrah Federal Building[8] and anti-Semitism[9] rather than correct our assumptions with truth and age old principles. It is impossible to listen to this much ignorance of facts related to any of these events without a burden of obligation to say something in class overwhelming me.


“Many so-called victories in this world are partial, at best. Take our invasion of Iraq, for example. Did our air and infantry forces demonstrate superiority over the enemy? Yes. Did our armored vehicles roll from the border straight into Baghdad without even tapping the brakes? Yes. Did Saddam’s statue get torn down to the hoots and hollers of a grateful population? Yes. All of these things enabled us to claim victory. The problem is that we’re still fighting insurgents while trying to help Iraq’s infant democracy stand on its own two feet. As many pundits have observed, we won the war just fine. It’s winning the peace we’re struggling with.”[10]


Atteberry’s statement above is saturated with unfounded assumptions and is a mere regurgitation of the key words of spin doctors who have ruined our language and understanding of true principles. We did indeed invade Iraq without a declaration of war in violation of our own Federal Constitution and without cause or showing of cause that they harmed us or were going to harm us and no evidence was found later that they had any ability to do so. This is called an unlawful war which transfers no authority to us to do anything in Iraq including build a “democracy” which is also unlawful in America and gives all Iraqis a God given right to conduct a lawful defensive war against us nullifying the term “insurgents.” There is no such thing as “winning the peace” in a nation we have attacked against all the Christian principles of property expounded by Rev. Samuel Rutherford, Algernon Sidney, John Locke and Frederick Bastiat, Thomas Jefferson and all the patriot forefathers at the foundation or our nation that all of us should know but do not. All of this perversion is based upon the government lies concerning the so-called “terrorists attacks of 9/11/01.”


“No empire is so large it can go it alone; no individual is so small that he or she cannot change the world. One bad egg with a bad attitude can spoil a face-to-face meeting. On a global scale, one person hiding out in a cave in the mountains bordering Afghanistan has the audacity to offer a “truce” with the most powerful nation on earth. One person declared war on USAmerica, and it’s costing ninety-eight million taxpayers billions of dollars per year. Just ten thousand avowed terrorists at most, a tiny speck of the global population of six billion, have turned an entire planet into a panic. We are living in a world where very few can kill very many, where even one of us can kill all of us.”[11]


Leonard Sweet also makes bold statements all of which adopt the unfounded, unsupported, unproven propaganda vomited out over the televisions of America owned by only three corporations with the same agenda that report the same news on all networks. We now know that no cave dwellers from the mountains of Afghanistan had secured access to the World Trade Center towers to plant thousands of thermate and thermite cutter charges through out the 267 floors in three skyscrapers. The impact of that fact renders that entire quote a complete myth and anyone that believes that myth is a slave to the present U.S. Federal government and its designs to enslave the world and its citizens in a police state in fear of a fictitious enemy. The ignorance in the above quote deserves to be addressed thoroughly in Sunday school class and the facts and principles of property applied so that the church and its members are protected.

The roll of the church in the world and in America is not be become a complacent social club where all its members are guaranteed a long pleasant snooze every Sunday. Rather the church should be a place more than any other in the world where Christians can learn the truth about everything that impacts our individual and communal life. And the church should not be a place that blinds it members with the corruption of the world but that becomes an instrument of righteousness. And this very idea is espoused and expounded and advocated not only by the PCUSA but by Rev. McCauley’s sermons calling his congregation and the PCUSA to continue our history of being the “conscious of the nation.”[12] We cannot be the conscience of the nation if the members are censured with the punishment of silence to address government corruption and wickedness. Therefore, it is entirely irrelevant what any Sunday school member or any other church member felt about the statements I made or the information I made available to them. So in summary, you should be looking for some evidence from those you interview that:


1.      Rev. McCauley used the Constitutional process to censure me with silence.

2.      Rev. McCauley violated the theology and doctrines contained in the Book of Confessions Part I of the Constitution of the PCUSA to personally censure me with silence.

3.       Rev. McCauley violated the PCUSA theology and doctrines contained in his own sermons when he unlawfully and personally censored me.

4.      The truth and facts regarding the events of the so-called “terrorist attack of 9/11/01” that urgently compel the PCUSA to “set at liberty”[13] those in its membership who can indeed become the “conscious of the nation” to resist tyranny and usurpation deceiving and destroying America by speaking in church and moving the church to guard the vineyard while Christ is away.


I have provided hard, heavy and abundant evidence that no one will be able to contradict regarding all four issues above requiring that the IC of Mission Presbytery find that there is sufficient evidence to charge and prosecute my good friend Rev. Dr. Carl McCauley for unlawfully and personally punishing me with silence without using the Constitutional process and that he did so in violation of the Holy Scriptures and that the remedy of the lift of the unlawful Pastor imposed censorship against me be lifted concerning all evidence regarding the events of 9/11/01 and anything flowing from those facts. I certainly see no need for a trial as I am sure that Carl will be happy to merely lift his self imposed censure of silence against me rather than defend himself in a trial.

Thank you for your patience to read and bear all these matters with me. Please find herewith the list of my Sunday school class members and their contact information.




Ronald F. Avery


cc:        Rev. Carl McCauley

            Maggie Dellinger, Session Clerk


Al & Ruth Berry

974 Topaz St.

Seguin, TX 78155



Gay Carlson

209 Fisherman Lane

Seguin, TX 78155



Maggie Dellinger

4814 Explorer A

Kirby, Texas 78219



Ann Hodges

637 Running Creek

Seguin, TX 78155



Al & Mary Anne Koebig

2230 Thormeyer Rd.

Seguin, TX 78155



Jean Lott

PO Box 246

Leesville, TX 78122



Glenn Pape

732 Bismark St.

Seguin, TX 78155



Jim & Bettye Tuten

820 East College St.

Seguin, Texas 78155



Charlie Willman

3675 FM 466

Seguin, TX 78155





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