This lawsuit is against Dylan Baddour of the Houston Chronicle and Hearst Communications, Inc. (owner of the Houston Chronicle and their websites, Houston and
This lawsuit is against the use of the "Fourth Estate" as a Weaponized Substitute for the Law Enforcement and Judicial System.

Motion for Rehearing in the Supreme Court of Texas is Denied and Avery has appealed to heaven because his remedy was denied by a barefaced wresting and perverting of the law and will now be plundered unless God intervenes to deliver him:

Update: Motion for Rehearing in the Supreme Court of Texas:

Avery presents the following information:

  • Agenda of Mainstream Media creating perception of all citizens as terrorists.
  • Houston Chronicle & FOX News Houston / Scarlett Fakhar & Dylan Baddour (Contradiction).
  • Flaws of Texas Citizens Participation Act:
  • Definition of Freedom of Speech allows those who can't express it to use it.
  • Weight of evidence higher for Plaintiff than Defendant.
  • Punishment of Plaintiff's who have their case dismissed under the act with Defendant's attourney fees, costs, expenses, and SANCTIONS to deter any such suit in the future.
  • Judicial decisions violation case law doctrines:
  • Destruction of evidence of statutory defamation per se by substitution of "finding as matter of law" by judge applying "ordinary, average, reasonable reader standard."
  • Misuse of "Substantial Truth doctrine" of case law that alters essence of a matter to something else rather than small degree of the same matter.
  • Freedom Of Information Foundation of Texas pushes Texas Citizens Participation Act to Protect Mainstream Media clients and big bussiness and Lawyers.
  • Fake Law now protects Fake News in Texas.

    In video below see a summary presentation of why the Supreme Court of Texas should grant Avery's Petition for Review against Hearst Communications, Inc. in the following parts:

  • 00:00 Weaponized MainStream Media
  • 12:31 Proof of Weaponized MainStream Media
  • 26:20 MSM makes ordinary citizens into enemies of the state
  • 32:00 Hegelian Dialectic
  • 38:00 Lies published by Houston Chronicle
  • 48:43 The continuance of all state crimes in America are dependent upon weaponized mass media
  • 50:35 Presentation of Avery's case beginning with published lies

    Click on screen below to see Avery's summary of his lawsuit against Baddour and the Houston Chronicle (Hearst Communications, Inc.).

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    Click here to read one page comment on this case and the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss.

    Another article by Mark Anderson in the UK Column about Avery v. Hearst and the Global Weaponized Media

    Avery in front of Justice Center, Seguin, Texas after Hearst Motion to Dismiss was heard and taken on advisement.

    New Hearst Tower in New York built on top of orginal Hearst Building below since 9/11/01.

    Listen to Ron Avery on Rule of Law Radio with Host Randy Kelton, Austin Texas (Part 1)

    Listen to Ron Avery on Rule of Law Radio with Host Randy Kelton, Austin Texas (Part 2)

    O'Reilly illustrates the Bubble of 
Non-Participation and Commentator v News Anchor / Reporter

    Click on Bubble above to see Bill O'Reilly explain to Jorge Ramos how he and his Univision TV network have broken the News Journalist Bubble of "Non-Participation" in his coverage of Donald Trump. O'Reilly says that Jorge is a news anchor not a commentator and has now shown his opinion that Trump is a racist and now Univision cannot cover Donald Trump objectively in the eyes of the public and should put a tag on their TV screen with that statement when covering Donald Trump's Presidential campaign.

    O'Reilly also reveals his opinion about a wall on the border breaking the bubble of Non-Participation in the same show. Both can rightfully invoke the TCPA if sued for their comments about this show as they both expressed their own personal Constitutional rights of freedom of speech. But Dylan Baddour should not be able to invoke the TCPA because he never broke the bubble like a good news reporter. Baddour's problem is that he got his facts wrong and exposed the Plaintiff to Public Hatred. That's Libel!