Dear Veronica or Bryan,

I guess you know by now what the ruling is on the Avery v GBRA case. This is my synopsis of the ruling by the Honorable B.B. Schraub on my case against Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority. I have not seen a Judge in 15 years as lively as this one last Thursday talking about sovereignty and who has it. But, unfortunately, he could not find the strength within himself to pursue his own property rights and instead took the following course:

  1. The Honorable B.B. Schraub was given an opportunity to balance the three branches of government in Texas to check the abuse of citizens in Texas and he decided to join with the legislative branch and the Executive branch in violation of Article 2 Section 1 of the Texas Constitution.
  2. The Honorable B.B. Schraub was given an opportunity to exercise his judicial authority under Article 16 Section 48 to determine if the State becoming the King and seizing the lives, liberties and possessions of Texans was Repugnant to Article 1 Sections 1, 2 and 3, of the Texas Constitution and he decided to voluntarily abrogate that authority and go with the King.
  3. The Honorable B.B. Schraub was given the opportunity to restore all citizens of Texas to a lawful republic where the lives liberties and possessions of the citizens would be protected by government but decided to leave himself and all other citizens in a state of nature without recourse to a judge for damages caused by intentional wrongdoing of the state and its employees.
  4. The Honorable B.B. Schraub, in his letter claims that the longevity of an injustice eventually makes it legitimate. That is to say, since the monarchs ruled for over 1000 years, monarchy was just, and likewise, the State of Texas assuming the role of King to intentionally harm the people is also just because it has been in force in Texas courts for 157 years.
  5. I doubt that the fourth court of Appeals, where I’m headed, will tell B.B. Schraub to take this case back and find that “sovereign immunity” on behalf of the state is unlawful. They might have considered it, if the Honorable B.B. Schraub would have insisted on exercising his authority to find it repugnant while it was under his jurisdiction.
  6. The Honorable B.B. Schraub will take his place in the obscurity of those who sought comfort in the masses of an unlawful monarchial state in Texas.


There is no doubt in my mind that this intelligent judge knew the right road but took another. This is happening all over this country and We the People will have a very hard time restoring law to our nation, but there is no other course for human beings once exposed to the Christian fundamentals of civil government.



Ronald F. Avery