Dear Senator,

When are you and your colleagues going to impeach George W. Bush for misleading the American people into a war that was totally unjustified and part of his own personal global agenda that was identified by Zalmay Khalilzad (Rand Corp.) in a 40 page booklet published in 1995 available at this link at

It is clear that GW Bush and his main speech writer knew of the bogus uranium purchase attempt by Saddam Hussein by the statements made public by Mr. Hadley and reported at the following ABC link:

It is also clear that Bush and Blair have been working together to mislead both their countries into war as part of an agenda that is alien to English fundamentals of liberty established by Christian Political Scientists over a period of 2000 years. Blair has been caught twice now with bogus dossiers and this last one is accompanied with a dead body of one weapons inspector thrown to the wolves. The first link is the Dr. David Kelly’s oral evidence given before his strange and timely death:

This second link is to the first bogus dossier included in the Blair push for a new global order that is alien to all principles of human liberty:

Under the conditions we now see in Iraq that we are not wanted there and never were and at least there was no move towards liberty that we were assisting and would be able to leave in able hands. Our allies there are looters and opportunists. It is obvious that the US and the UK are victims of the axis of liars and tyrants.


Ronald F. Avery