I was asked an important question as I was interviewed by Robin Blackburn of the Seguin Gazette Enterprise. I had told her that four offers had been made to GBRA to settle the case and drop the criminal prosecution. Robin then asked me, “Do you think this lawsuit you filed against them will make them drop the prosecution?” She reported correctly that I said it would take more than dropping that window breaking thing and that I was through agreeing to unconscionable contracts from them.


But as I thought on that immediately after the interview it became clear to me that:


It would not be fair to my family, or my church or my neighbors or my friends or my community or to the world to drop this suit without a settlement that is big enough to make news and prevent any other abuse of Americans under the “Patriot Act” or “Homeland Security.”


God obviously wants to do something with this situation because on the morning of March 16, 2004, at my arraignment, I had no defense to these guys but $13,000 of broken curbs and an admission that I broke the window. But…


By the end of the day I had a $6,000,000 law suit.


No body Planned that!