Dear Editor,

Normally I only wake up a few times a year when an issue slams into me like a Mack Truck. Well I was run over Tuesday night by an ABC “made for TV movie” entitled Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America. No movie anymore can be looked at merely as entertainment but must be evaluated as possible corporate/government propaganda. ABC, where more people get their news than any other source, is owned by Disney, the corporate entertainment giant. After the movie the local and national ABC network “reported” on the possibility of a “pandemic of avian flu” in America that could infect and kill millions of Americans.

If one researches Avian flu or bird flu on the internet at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) one finds that there are many strains of this virus but that none of them including the worst strain H5 has ever been transmitted from one human to another. There have been several cases where a person was infected by an avian virus from close contact with the infected birds. Why do you suppose ABC’s “entertainment” and “news” arms are working together to stir up the population about something that has never been recorded in human history?

I am inclined to conclude that some public/private defense laboratory experimenting with human and avian genetics has already developed a fatal strain that can be introduced into the human population and transmitted from one person to another and further, that an antidote or vaccine has also been found which can be used to contain the flu within selected demographics or individuals. The government officials in Fatal Contact spoke of the “hard decisions” to be made regarding what kind of people should receive the limited supply of vaccine and survive the pandemic? In the movie a state governor says “I will make the tough decisions because that’s the way we are in America, we determine what is best for most Americans and then we fight the enemy.” This is War on Bird Flu.

Thanks to novel nano-technology the government has come up with RFID chips that can be implanted in a person that will report to the CDC the instant it detects avian flu in the subject’s body. We should all receive this chip to protect the whole population. What kind of anti-social pervert would not want to get this implant?

9/11/01 could not happen until the people could accept the idea that Middle Eastern cave dwellers could high-jack 4 passenger jets, navigate long distances with pin point accuracy, crash into the Pentagon leaving no jet parts and crash into both of the twin towers reducing them to rubble and dust and “conventionally demolish pull or implode” the 47 story Building 7 of the World Trade Center. It follows, that when the people can believe that a flu that has never been communicable is now able to infect and kill 90 million Americans without laboratory assistance we will surely have it.




Ronald F. Avery