Dear Senator,

I just want you to know that I don't believe anyone in America really believes that Gen. William Boykin has hurt the American military and political standing in the world more than the permanent alliance the so-called U.S. government has established with the so-called nation of “Israel.” This is ludicrous to even suggest that General Boykin is able to do any further damage to the international standing of America beyond that done by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Eliot Abrams, Robert Kagan, William Kristol and other Jewish architects of the present post cold war strategy of global hegemony. These unregenerate barbarians have designed a plan to subject the entire world to the domination of a central economic system as clearly stated in Bush's National Security Strategy in the name of “democracy.” Yet the world laughs as the Jewish led administration attempts to make the case that it does not target Muslims in its support of the fraudulent “state of Israel.”

How long can this administration be successful in denying what the whole world sees clearly? The suggestions to remove Gen. Boykin in the PBS News Hour are a knee slapping joke (Gen Boykin Interview PBS). The “rebuilding of Iraq” is just as fallacious as the Boykin case to anyone who knows anything at all about the fundamentals of civil government and liberty long established. Let's pretend that Iraq was instrumental in hurting us on September 11, 2001, a thing which Bush denied recently before the whole world. If the Iraqis were guilty, we would then have the right to hurt them to the point that they would surrender to us. At which time we would have the right to take from them such items as would go to repair our injury. But beyond that we would have no right to operate, rebuild, install, or do any other thing to Iraq. But where did this “obligation” to “rebuild” Iraq come from? We clearly have no obligation to a nation that hurts us! Do we require the families of the dead to rebuild the lives of those that kill their loved ones? Then what is all of this about?

This too is simple! Bush and the Jew banker boys wanted that country and they knew they could take it. They knew they had no “weapons of mass destruction” and they knew they were not involved in 911. And this is why we are “rebuilding” Iraq. This rebuilding is for the Jewish bankers to insure the dominate power in the Middle East remains the fraudulent “state of Israel” by our control of the oil of Iraq. If the construction companies hired by American tax payers fatten the pockets of Chaney and others of the present administration that's just an additional perk.

We will never win in Iraq because the Iraqis have acquired a right by our unjust attack to hurt us to protect their property forever and to demolish all pipelines that steal their oil. This right of theirs is approved by the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven established by Christ Jesus and his disciples over 2000 years which shall never pass away. This talk of 87 billion American tax dollars to rebuild Iraq is a way for the world banking cartel based in New York under J.P. Morgan and others to steal from us to make their new territory a jewel of the burning sands. And this question of, “when will the Iraqi oil be able to pay for their own reconstruction?” is a joke. In light of Rumsfeld's recent comment concerning our failures in Iraq (Rumsfeld admits disappointment in Iraq) we need to get out of there at light speed and pray that the Iraqis will forget we were ever there.

Ronald F. Avery