I am the Aggrieved Party in this matter; I am a Texian American, over the age of twenty-one years.


On December 9, 2005, I served a copy of attached Motion To Vacate, Lodgment of Declaration Of Facts and this CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE by securely enclosing them in an envelope with pre-paid first class postage, and addressed as follows:


Craig A. Gargotta, Esq

Asst. US Attorney

Dept of Justice

601 NW Loop 410, Suite 600

San Antonio, TX 78216-5512


I certify the foregoing to be true and correct and that I believe the service was made in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.




                                                                             Henry Dale Goltz, pro per

                                                                                                US PO Box 690126

                                                                                                San Antonio, Texas [78269]