Dear Editor,

Yesterday, Bush was praising the “work” and “progress” being made by his troops in Iraq. All the commonly owned “networks” made a landmark out of the 2000th Bushian soldier killed in Iraq doing Bush’s good work. Bush said “we had more work to do.” But he said on this day of the 2000th soldier killed, Iraq now has a constitution. He also warned that even though they have a new constitution, the number of “insurgent” attacks will increase. Attacks against occupying Bushian troops rose from 60 per day a month or so ago to about 100 per day now.

To establish the “rule of law” in Iraq, the “Bill of Rights” in their constitution might say something like, “All courts shall be open, and every person for an injury done him, in his lands, goods, person or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law,” and “To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein delegated, we declare that everything in this “Bill of Rights” is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto shall be void.” Now then suppose that the Iraqi legislature passed a law that said “The Nation of Iraq presumes to possess sovereignty and immunity over the subjects or citizens of Iraq to kill them, and steal and destroy all their liberties and possessions of every kind without recourse to the courts unless waived by Iraqi statute or Iraqi congressional resolution.” What would an Iraqi think about his new nation and its constitution?

Welcome to Texas friend. The first provision, “all courts shall be open, etc.,” is Article 1 Sec 13 of the Texas “Bill of Rights,” and the second “To guard against transgressions, etc.,” is Art 1 Sec 29 of same. And the law that was passed by the Legislature of Texas that presumes sovereign immunity to kill the citizens of Texas and destroy or steal all their liberties and possessions without judicial recourse unless waived is the Texas Tort Claims Act of 1969.

On 10/14/05 the Supreme Court of Texas “denied” my motion for rehearing challenging the TTCA and its unlawful presumption against the sovereign citizens of Texas who formed Texas for their own benefit. That decision ended my $6 million law suit against GBRA et al, which was “dismissed with prejudice” and never heard before a jury because of the State’s unlawful “presumption of sovereign immunity to harm the Citizens without recourse” under the TTCA.

How can “our” “government” in “Texas” and the “U.S.” care about an Iraqi constitution? They don’t care about nor uphold their own. You may read all about this at www.PostWTC.com/frame-3.html where every court document is posted.




Ronald F. Avery