Dear Editor,

If all money is based merely upon "faith" then why are the feds going after the executives of Enron, Worldcom and others? These men elevated the stock market values to new and great heights. Who cares what the real "value" is as long as we have "faith" in what it is! What's the big difference between fraudulent stock "value" and fraudulent non existent monetary "value?" We should praise these clever executives and encourage other CEOs to do the same. If what they did is illegal and evil because they manipulated the "value" of stock by bogus accounting techniques, then I suggest they are mere babies compared to the fraud committed upon all the citizens of all the states in what was the union. The removal of gold and silver from the currency of America by the New York Federal Reserve Corporation is a much bigger crime.

Worthless fraudulent paper currency steals the wealth of a nation including the real property which is used as security for its use and creation. It creates wealth where there is none for those who did nothing. It merely becomes a means of controlling a population. No one, including the banker and politician, wants this worthless debt paper paid back because it has no intrinsic "value." It is presently illegal to use anything but gold and silver as currency in any state under the Constitution of the united states.

It is illegal right now and we don't hear the feds going after those that created that fraud, which is at the heart of corrupt government, inflated stock markets, unscrupulous banking practices, etc..etc. It is also at the heart of our insane foreign policy in the middle east. The grafting of Israel into the body of the united states of America in defiance of the will of the founders that insisted upon international independence with no permanent alliances has created an imbalance in the middle east which will lead to much blood shed. How can we in all honesty allow Jews in Washington D.C. to create the foreign policy for a nation of many Christians under the laws created by their Christian forefathers? This has come to pass because our "representatives" don't want to give up easy unlimited credit from the mostly Jewish Federal Reserve Corporation. But the price is to send our children to serve their global interest until the whole world is brought into subjection of fraudulent banking practices and worthless currency.

Since the people have faith in worthless currency, why not instill this same faith and trust in worthless paper stock? But to imprison the stock manipulators without incarcerating the manipulators of the worthless currency is hypocrisy of the highest order. You can't have it both ways, either stock is based upon "real value" as well as currency (gold and silver) or stock and currency is a mere matter of faith without the slightest relationship to "value."


Ronald F. Avery