Dear Editor,

In the federal government's great concern over the Enron collapse, ABC News reported that a recent survey gave an "F" to Americans on a "Financial Literacy" report card. They found that Americans think there are safe guards to prevent loss of investments on the stock market and that diversification always prevents loss. ABC also interviewed people, finding that they did not know the definition of "inflation." Also, Chairman of the energy commission subcommittee investigation of Enron, Rep. Greenwood, had the audacity to set up a question for a witness to answer: "Enron robbed the bank, Arthur Andersen provided the getaway car and they say you were at the wheel,"

It is ironic that these men posing as law abiding public servants who should know when and how the money was stolen are asking these Enron guys where the money is. That's really funny! These deceivers posing as public servants know exactly where the money is and who and how it was really stolen and they also will stop anyone who would attempt to restore the money to the bank. What a complete sham on both sides of the investigation of Enron!

The federal government and the Federal Reserve are absolutely dependent upon the ignorance of the American people in financial and banking matters. The federal government knows that there is no money in the bank to steal. We have debt currency, no debt, no paper or coins. We are the largest debtor nation in the world and now we are borrowing more! We have no real economy because there is no real currency. Real economies are built on real currency. Our economy is an illusion built upon coupons and the manipulation of its value and availability. What looks similar to an economy is all based upon credit. All we have is credit, and the reason is that we have nothing to pay debts with. The real money was stolen by the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation between 1913 and 1933 with the help of the federal government. How do we get credit? We do what the Federal Reserve Corporation wants. Stop doing what they want and watch what happens to your "economy."

So if you want an "A" on your "financial literacy" report card you will become a person that the federal government and Federal Reserve Corporation really don't like at all. They will call you worse names than "flunky."


Ronald F. Avery