Quasi-public officer cries WOLF

War on Terrorism Hits Innocent American

Case 04-0499-CV 25th District Court, Seguin, Texas

Avery’s $6,000,000 Suit against Guadalupe Blanco River Authority:

GBRA damages Avery’s River Front Property:

1.                     GBRA sends their clean up contractor (Rimrock Enterprises) to Avery’s land without permission or request or notification to Avery.

2.                    Avery talks to contractor and allows them to merely burn Avery’s debris on Avery’s land rather than take the debris elsewhere to burn it. Avery has mercy on contractor.

3.                    The very next day the contractor, without permission, has moved a tracked bull dozer over Avery’s asphalt road and across his concrete curbs and gutters breaking them.

4.                   Avery immediately complains to the contractor and GBRA that Avery will be looking for GBRA to pay for damages done to Avery’s improvements.

5.                    30 days later Avery writes letter of request for damages in the amount of $13,000 in light of fact that damage caused by contractor was worse than in 1998 and for penalty of entering property without permission.

GBRA won’t pay for damages to Avery’s Property:

6.                   GBRA sends letter back to Avery that says ‘go to hell,’ see contractor for payment.

7.                    Avery losses composure when GBRA letter was read at 2:30 AM after tending bar for 10.5 hours.

8.                    Avery gets big drill bit and throws it through GBRA window and calls 911 immediately and waits there until sheriff deputies and police arrive.

9.                   Police call GBRA representative who comes out and talks to police for 45 minutes and they let Avery go with warning ticket.

10.                 Avery never hears from GBRA again until exactly one year from date of window break, Avery receives notice to appear for Arraignment.

Two Friends of Avery sign Affidavit of GBRA scheme to Stop Avery’s $511,000 RV Park:

11.                   Two friends of Avery unknowingly and innocently discover a scheme by GBRA to prevent Avery from building his approved and financed RV Park on the same property for $511,000.

12.                  GBRA says they will drop prosecution of window if Avery will agree to drop his plans to build his RV Park on the subject property.

13.                  Avery’s two friends discover the cost of the window is $678 and offer to pay it.

14.                 Avery’s two friends discover that GBRA has consulted with HOMELAND SECURTITY and they say GBRA could charge Avery under DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

15.                  Avery’s two friends are told that GBRA thinks Avery might have a “CHEMICAL IMBALANCE” from a disease like Diabetes.

Avery sues GBRA for $6,000,000 after Avery’s begging is ignored:

16.                 GBRA was made four offers to drop their prosecution of Avery even including Avery’s canceling plans to build RV Park and Avery sent GBRA $678. But no word comes from GBRA.

17.                  Avery sues GBRA, William West, general manager, and David Welsch, Project Development for $6,000,000.

18.                  Avery is now facing going to jail for a year and paying a $4,000 fine and losing his license to practice architecture and Interior design.

19.                 The trickle down and fall out of the WAR ON TERRORISM must be stopped or it will eat every American alive.

Help Avery survive and help yourself and your kids:

20.                Visit www.PostWTC.com to find out what you can do to protect yourself from government abuse like this. Just remember your property could be damaged too!

21.                  Help Avery send property violators in government a message.