To all my new family and fellow Patriots and Freedom Lovers across this great land,


            First of all let me say that FD2002 was one of the most powerful, meaningful, and unforgettable events of my life on this earth.  I feel blessed to have been in the midst of such a passionate group of Patriots (be it ever so small) . . . to have participated in an exercise as noble and honorable as the pursuit of freedom from tyranny . . . and to have walked in the very footsteps of our forefathers in the never-ending, ever-vigilant quest for the establishment and preservation of principled leadership of a free and sovereign people.  I LOVE you guys!


            To all of you who were unable to be there with us (for whatever reason), we felt your prayers and your support, and because we felt the hand of God on this undertaking, we carried the strength, love and determination of that support along with us on this most incredible journey from fear and intimidation in an alien world of corruption and power to a position of strength and certainty that “greater is He who is in [us] than he who is in the world”.  We know your hearts were there with us and that increased our numbers greatly.


            To all of you who made this journey, who put aside your many responsibilities and obligations to make this sacrifice, who traveled from near or far (sometimes at great personal discomfort and expense), and finally whose faces and names will remain forever embedded in my heart . . . I also count you as my friends and my family, and I know in my heart that you are God’s chosen leaders in His army of freedom-loving Americans on His mission to restore decency, honor and pride to this nation that was undeniably founded on Christian principles. 


Generations before us forgot that freedom is always purchased at a great price.  They lost sight of that sacrifice that our founding fathers made for their freedom and they neglected their responsibilities to remain vigilant.  They put their trust in “government” to protect those freedoms because it was easier, more convenient and less time-consuming than standing guard themselves over that which they freely inherited.  They grew fat, lazy and apathetic as they grazed in the pastures provided for them by that very government that would eventually lead them to destruction and servitude to tyrannical leaders.  It was a tragic mistake in judgment that “We The People” must never allow to happen again.


The question now is, how do “We The People” go about regaining our sovereign heritage?  And make no mistake; we will regain our heritage!  We are a force to be reckoned with!  No matter the cost, we cannot and will not be defeated!  The one thing that the enemy is helpless to overcome is the irrefutable fact that once a man has tasted freedom, he will never submit to slavery.  The enemy knows this.  It’s the one and only reason they chose patience over military strength, incrementalism over armed control, misinformation and “spin” over education and truth, and a gradual confiscation of individual freedoms over the installation of a dictatorial regime.  Thanks be to God that we woke up in time before they succeeded in turning a “free and sovereign people” into a distant myth, unimaginable and therefore unattainable by the pathetically lifeless and hopelessly enslaved masses who would never know of their true status as the rightful heirs of liberty.


Some may believe that because our numbers in Washington were relatively small, our hope of making any difference in the status-quo is unlikely to non-existent.  I sadly admit to having such doubts myself from time to time.  However, I’m frequently chastised by that small, still voice inside my spirit that whispers, “Oh, ye of little faith!”  For those of you who don’t share my faith, I sincerely hope you won’t consider it proselytizing when I speak of God’s consistent use of the smallest and weakest of his faithful in defeating the mightiest and most powerful of His enemies.  There are so very many examples of this in the Bible, but the example that all of us must be familiar with is God’s unlikely choice of the young boy, David, to go into battle against the giant, Goliath.  I used to seriously question the wisdom of God’s judgment in such matters (though only during one of my more colorful and pronounced stupidity spasms.)  As I grew in my faith, however, I began to understand that we are put on this earth to bring glory to God.  What glory, therefore, does it bring to God if the mightiest of His faithful are used to defeat the enemy?  If “We The People” were a powerful army of the most gifted and articulate leaders, the most highly trained military experts commanding hundreds of thousands of the strongest and most excellently-trained armed forces equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry . . . defeat of our enemies would most certainly be eminent . . . but who would receive the glory?  Would the praise go to the Creator or to His creation?  When I shut out the noise and listen to that small, still voice, the answer is clear and unambiguous.  Faith will win this battle – not might.  But does faith fight the battle from a kneeling position, praying that God will bring down bolts of lightening from the heavens to strike down our enemies?  I don’t think so!  I believe true faith is the source of our courage, strength and wisdom against all odds; and armed with those attributes alone, “We The People” cannot lose.


From that vantage point, charting the journey from our present circumstances to our ultimate victory merely requires a well-organized plan of action and the combined effort of each of us in executing that plan of action.  We have excellent leadership that we can depend on to provide that plan, but they deserve and will require from each of us our commitment to the goal, our willingness to accept their course of action, and our determination to work together diligently toward that end.  I’ve spent the last two days after my return from D.C. reading all the fascinating “chatter” in our discussion group, and I find myself smiling proudly at the “gutsy” determination and almost impertinent impatience to jump back into the skirmish, fists raised, noses bleeding, and eyes filled with a fierce resolve that must surely strike fear in the hearts of any opponent.  You are truly a unique group of individuals and I’m so proud to be associated with you!  


I also sense the almost tangible feelings of apprehension, anger, and frustration at the audacity of our “elected officials’” blatant disregard for our petitions.  My question to all of you is, did any of us truly expect anything more from a group of arrogant power-mongers who have, through their actions, demonstrated their contempt for the very Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold and defend?  I certainly didn’t!  I admit to being temporarily thrown off-guard at the sight of young men, not much older than my own son, standing guard on the steps of our nation’s courthouse, the symbol of justice in America, treating “We The People” as the very enemy of America.  That one sneaked up on me and broke my heart.  But I’m back now, stronger and more determined than ever, and convinced that those young men have been infinitely more victimized than “We The People” because they’re still living in the dark recesses of ignorance and lies.


My final plea to each of you is to gather all that you’ve seen and heard and hold it in your hearts.  Let it bear witness that we’re on the side of truth and justice.  But proceed with decorum and dignity as well as determination, as I know our founding fathers must have proceeded in the face of such awesome power.  We’re not a lynch mob.  We’re not a hysterical crowd of misfits and lawless rabble-rousers.  Shaking our fists at the enemy is no more effective than howling at the moon, and only gives our adversary more fodder for ridicule and condemnation.  The time may come when stronger, more militant defense against tyranny will be called for.  If and when that time comes, I’ll answer that call just as I know most of you will.  But it’s much too soon to take that path.  Patience is not only a virtue . . . right now, it’s our most powerful and effective weapon.   Patience will allow us to (a) plan our strategy using the wisest and most effective course of action, (b) increase our numbers through education of the masses by using the incredible tools provided for us, (c) meet with and join forces with the hundreds of other Patriot organizations in America, (d) put our adversaries (every single elected official in Washington who ignored our petitions) on notice that as of November 14, 2002, “We The People” have judged them to be traitors to this country and the enemies of freedom in America and that we will work diligently to unseat them from the position of trust they have abused.  In addition, and if at all possible, we will hold them each criminally liable for their treasonous acts of attrition.  Finally, and hopefully, (e) form a new third party from the ashes and remnants of all of the hopelessly defeated and scattered third parties that were unsuccessful in their attempts to unify those Patriots still clinging to their beloved Constitution . . . a party of “We The People”, holding state and national conventions and incorporating the best of the existing platforms of all of the multitude of mini-parties in America.  By overcoming egos and combining the ideas, efforts and support of like-minded Americans, the hopelessly ineffective “third party” concept can and must become a viable solution to the fatally flawed “two-party system, one-shot elections” that has dominated the political landscape of our nation for generations.  The very idea of voting for the “lesser of two evils” is as repugnant to a free people as not voting at all!  The “lesser of two evils” is still evil and should not be tolerated by sovereign citizens of a free and sovereign nation!  But victory will take a firm commitment from every single Patriot in America that nothing less than the best is good enough when it comes to filling the positions of leadership of the greatest nation on earth.


Like all of you, I’m waiting for my “marching orders” . . . and I know in my heart of hearts that the best is yet to come.  Stay strong and stay vigilant . . . and God bless each and every one of you.


Without Prejudice


Renee Halay

WTP Coordinator, Comal County, TX