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From: Ronald F. Avery
To: Barbara Roberts
Cc: Bill Helfand
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 1:11 AM
Subject: Gag Threat against Avery?

Dear Ms. Roberts,
    I am in receipt of your letter insinuating that I have attempted to defame GBRA or its employees or to interfere with GBRA's business relations. Let me assure you that I have in no way attempted to do such things nor have I contacted any one that GBRA has any business relations with to my knowledge.
    Neither have I attempted to defame GBRA or its employees. However, I have discussed the legal theories that are being use to defend GBRA and their employees which I believe fall under my first amendment rights.
    If there is something more specific you are alluding to, I would sure like to know what that is.
    I know nothing about your references to "crusades," nor "vexatious or harassing manners" relating to the courthouse or any other place. Without more specific information concerning your complaint about distribution of information I am led to believe you merely want me to shut up so that I am deprived of my first amendment right of free speech and access to the press. I do indeed believe we are going to a bad place in this country with the changing of the laws that protect the property and rights of citizens and this is a matter of public interest that all may know and talk about in America.
    I further know nothing about any new lawsuit against GBRA nor any "frivolous" law suits that I would file resulting in "sanctions" against me. I certainly have no intentions of using the present lawsuit as a "vehicle" for any "negative" and "defamatory" publicity. However, when newspapers call me and ask questions, I respond in the most intelligent way I know how and I try not to lie about any fact or any character. Let me assure you that all I want is to be made whole from the damage caused by your clients and the media has indeed shown some interest in just what all your clients did do to me and they show interest in watching how the case unfolds.
    Let me assure you also that I have not contacted Homeland Security about your clients sending people on to my property and doing damage without my permission nor have I ever told anyone that they are sick.
    Also, I have not contacted any employee, agent, or representative of GBRA about any aspect of the civil case. I did see and talk to David Welsch and Larry Moltz at a hearing in the criminal prosecution hearing on representation last Friday. But all was cordial and mostly superficial. We talked about the subpoena that I initiated and my attempt by letter to let them know that they did not need to appear last Friday as it was not my trial as I first supposed. They said they had a break down in communication inside GBRA and did not get the letter. We walked out of the court house together. I further do not dislike these men but I have indeed been injured by them and fear that none of them including "the GBRA" perceive that they have done anything to me nor see a reason to restore me. This is a social problem that no one will escape one day in the new America. God bless you and your clients.
Ronald F. Avery
P.S.    I am just guessing on Bill's email at bill.helfand@chamberlainlaw.com Please correct me if that is in error.