Dear Editor,

President Bush has called for the Palestinian people to create a constitution with separation of powers so that power will not be concentrated in the hands of a few unaccountable few. Wow, how does he then explain his "Homeland Security" program that places the military and various police groups under the control of his own cabinet? How does he explain his "War on Terrorism" wherever it exists without a declaration of war by the congress of the United States of America? How does he explain the INS patrolling borders in America, paper money, Standing Federal Armies in America, Federal intervention in Public Education, illegal gun laws? Why would President Bush care about a constitution in Palestine if he does not care for the one we have in America?

President Bush has called for an oppressed, occupied people with no homeland to rebirth themselves according to Mr. Bush's vision for a new political and economic provisional state. He promises them the possibility of a state if they will set up a democracy and a market economy. I did not know this was all about forming a democracy and a market economy. I thought this was about Muslims and Jews. Oh well. I want everyone to remember what this was all about. It's not about religion anymore folks, it's about elections and economics, democracies and stock markets. These two people don't get along because, unlike the beautiful state of Israel, the Palestinians have not birthed themselves into elections and a stock market and enlightened banking practices called fractional reserve banking which has led America into slavery to world bankers.

President Bush seems to make a distinction between Palestinian democracy and Israeli democracy. He said, "Today, the elected Palestinian legislature has no authority, and power is concentrated in the hands of an unaccountable few." Wow, they are holding elections now, but not really good elections. They need to vote differently! We need to help them vote right so they will vote like Israel does. How would this new legislature with unusurped powers prevent the occupation of Palestinian territories by Jews? How would this powerful legislature prevent an invasion by Israel at any time? Oh, declare war against Israel! Well now certainly we nation builders don't want that much autonomy and independence going on. No! The new Palestinian legislature need only be strong enough to oppress its own people, then peace will flourish in the Middle East.

The failure of America to remain independent of Israel is the core of the problem and it will not be fixed until America returns to its roots in Christian liberty and until we shake off easy credit and return to lawful money - gold and silver. Terrorism is the fruit of usurpation and tyranny in America and the corrupt permanent foreign alliances it has forged by compromising our money and economy. We cannot be fair because we are corrupted by a dependence that is foreign and alien to our original foundation. In exchange for endless credit from world bankers we do their bidding and dirty work all over the world. This is alien to the law and constitution of the United States of America.


Ronald F. Avery