Know all men by these presents:


This is a sworn AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH given by Henry-Dale Goltz on this day, Wednesday, June 20, 2007.  An AFFIDAVIT stands as Truth in Law unless and until it is rebutted, point for point, by a similarly sworn affidavit.  No un-sworn statements or mere allegations or protestations can impeach the sworn statements herein given.


Henry-Dale Goltz is not a taxpayer as that term is used in the Internal Revenue Code.  Henry-Dale Goltz is not in receipt of a valid, lawful assessment issued by the Internal Revenue Service for federal income taxes.  Absent a valid, lawful assessment, no federal income taxes are due and payable.  A notice and demand for payment of money is not an assessment issued by a lawful assessment officer.  A valid, lawful assessment, signed by a lawful assessment officer, must precede a notice and demand for payment of money.


Henry-Dale Goltz is not made liable for the so-called federal income tax because there is no law passed by the United States Congress making persons working in the private sector, on land under the jurisdiction of the republic of Texas, without the United States, liable for such a “tax”.  For these reasons, Henry-Dale Goltz cannot owe money to the United States Internal Revenue Service in the form of a federal income tax.


There is no lien upon the property of Henry-Dale Goltz that has been issued by the Internal Revenue Service.  A valid, lawful lien can only exist if it meets certain required elements.  Those elements include (but are not limited to) signatures by two (2) parties – the creditor and the debtor, an attached Order from a lawful court of proper jurisdiction, and issued upon the conclusion of a lawful and complete Due Process Hearing where in the debtor has the opportunity to present his defense to a neutral third party.  No such hearing took place.


I affirm that these are the true facts, and they stand as Truth until rebutted, point for point in a similar, sworn affidavit, and containing the findings of fact and conclusions of law.


Affirmed By: ____________________________

                                                                                                Henry-Dale Goltz

I affirm that the above signature is that of Henry-Dale Goltz, with whom I am acquainted.

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