July 6, 2007


Ms. Mary Beth Justice-Hilliard

Internal Revenue Service – PALS

Mail Stop 6051 AUNW

9430 Research Boulevard

Austin, Texas [78759]


Dear Ms. Justice-Hilliard:


Yesterday, I received a letter from you, wherein you advised that you were going to sell my home at a foreclosure sale.  I must advise you that you are committing a crime against me.  As with your personally led raid two weeks ago, you have no authority to sell my home under color of foreclosure since you are not a party to the contract.  The willful and personal commission of a crime will not get you immunity from your employer. You were personally informed of your unlawful action by way of a letter I sent to you on June 21, 2007.  I included copy of my Affidavit of Truth with that letter.  You refused to respond to my letter or rebut my Affidavit.  Instead you personally chose to continue your unlawful harassment by threatening to sell my home as if it were yours to sell.  As you know, it is not.


As I stated in that letter, I am quite sure that my home is not located in UNITED STATES federal government territory, that the land on which it sits has not been lawfully “purchased by the (United States with) Consent of the Legislature” of Texas, nor has it been ceded by Texas to the UNITED STATES “for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”.  Therefore, you have no jurisdiction or claim to my home, and all actions initiated, directed, or conducted by you are unlawful.  You can be held personally liable for your actions in the courts of law in Texas.


Since you have chosen not to respond to my June 21st request for information about those acting in concert with you, you have chosen to accept total personal responsibility for your actions.


Consider this your Final Notice and Demand.  If I do not hear from you within 10 calendar days from the date of this letter, you will hear from me through the legal process.





                                                                                    Yours in Truth and Justice,


CC: My Counselors at Law                                                    ___________________________