June 21, 2007


Ms. Mary Beth Justice-Hilliard

Internal Revenue Service – PALS

Mail Stop 6051 AUNW

9430 Research Boulevard

Austin, Texas [78759]


Dear Ms. Justice-Hilliard:


Today, I was informed that you, personally, led a raid on my home located at 7434 Tall Cedar in San Antonio, Texas.  I am quite sure that my home is not located in UNITED STATES federal government territory, that the land on which it sits has not been lawfully “purchased by the (United States with) Consent of the Legislature” of Texas, nor has it been ceded by Texas to the UNITED STATES “for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”.  I am equally certain that you have similar knowledge. 


Furthermore, you, and those acting in concert with you and at your direction, proceeded to conduct this raid without my knowledge or permission, without benefit of law, and in fact in violation of law.  You, and those acting in concert with you and at your direction, acted outside of your jurisdiction and caused harm and trauma upon my daughter who was on the property with my knowledge and consent.


By return mail, please provide to me a listing of the names, titles, addresses, agency affiliations, and identification / badge numbers of all personnel who participated with you in this lawless action under color of law.  If you believe that I am incorrect in my analysis, please provide an Affidavit rebutting my statements, and including a finding of facts and conclusion of law.  Also, please provide a statement of your intended actions going forward.  If you believe that you are functioning in accordance with law, please provide appropriate citations of the law(s) under which you are acting.  If you believe you are acting under a lawful Court Order, please provide to me a certified copy of the Order issued under and in accordance with Due Process, and affixed with the Seal of the Court and the signature of the Clerk as required by law.  If you believe you are acting to enforce a lawful Lien(s), please provide to me a certified copy of the Lien(s), which fulfill(s) the required elements of a lawful Lien.  You may refer to my attached AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH for guidance in this matter.  A copy of this letter and my AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH has been forwarded to my Counselors at Law.


If you believe that you may have acted in haste, I am sure that you can and will correct the matter with haste.  I will expect to hear from you by return mail within 14 calendar days of the date of this letter.  Thank you for your prompt attention.


                                                                                    Yours in Truth and Justice,


CC: My Counselors at Law                                                      ___________________________