Ronald F. Avery

1955 Mt. Vernon

Seguin, Texas 78155





Rev. Dr. Carl W. McCauley, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church

305 N. King

P.O. Box 870

Seguin, Texas 78155



Dear Dr. McCauley,

Cynthia and I have really enjoyed our first two Sundays visiting the church. Cynthia and I would like to join here but I felt it was necessary to write you a letter concerning our fellowship with other churches and some of our other experiences so you might know what to expect from us as time goes on related to contemporary issues.

I have discovered Presbyterianism through research of the founders of citizen sovereignty and the philosophical demise of monarchies, and the birth of the first Christian democratic Republic on earth, i.e., the united States of America including Texas. Rev. Samuel Rutherford was a leader of the Scottish Presbyterian Church when he wrote Lex Rex in 1644. I also learned that John Wesley was a loyalist and never wanted the colonies to leave the crown. So, where does that put Methodists? Cynthia and I met and were married at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston 29 years ago last Sunday.

Rutherford died of stress at age 61 in 1661, having lost his professorship at St Andrew’s University and having his stipend revoked, imprisoned in his own home and under orders to appear under indictment for high treason before the Parliament at Edinburgh. Algernon Sidney and John Locke followed in his footsteps and made them much larger. Sidney was beheaded at age 61 for placing sovereignty in the people in his book Discourses on Government (1683) and Locke wrote his First and Second Treatise on Government (1689) philosophically destroying the monarchies. I have had the opportunity, need and privilege to use the works of all three of these men, and many other great forefathers since, to defend myself and bring suit against unlawful activities and statutes in the State of Texas.

I have included with this letter a half size copy of my last document to be filed in the Supreme Court of Texas, unless my Petition for Review is granted, that illustrates how far our present laws have strayed from the present Constitution of Texas. The names referred to above do not appear in this last document but their quotes appear in the 255 page Trial Court record, a 100 page Appendix to support my Appeallant’s 47 page Brief I filed at the Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio. They also appear in a 26 page Petition for Review in the Supreme Court of Texas. I have become, what I consider, an expert on sovereignty - who has it and why. I have been able to identify sovereignty and clarify it in regard to its proper understanding in all relationships between God, man and governments. If you would like to see the court documents they can be found by going to my website at and using the navigation bar on the left. To see summaries and commentary released to TV, radio and newspapers you may use the navigation bar on the right. I would recommend skipping trial court documents altogether, as there is no fact in them that is in question, and going to the 4th Court of Appeals and the 2nd Amendments of everything and the Appellee’s Brief. On appeal I claim that the State of Texas harmed me. The State claims that they have “absolute sovereign immunity” to kill me and steal or destroy all my property “without recourse to her courts unless waived by statute or congressional resolution prior to suit.” I show they do not have, never have had, and can never acquire any such a thing.

I have been a “born again” translated Christian dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven for 31 years. However, I do not fit in well with modern Christian churches but I like to attend so that I do not neglect the coming together. Most mainstream Christian churches have adopted “Dispensational Pre-millennialism” of the 1820s which permits the perverted interpretation of “city of the Saints” in the book of Revelations as the present unlawful state of Israel. Upon the application of the Presbyterian rules of government and their lawful formation, we find the modern state of Israel to be sorely wanting and irreparable.

Larry Silverstein, the lease holder of the World Trade Center, admitted on PBS TV that the 47 story WTC building # 7 was conventionally “pulled” on 9-11 at 5:30 PM. This means that this building was pre-wired prior to 9-11 for demolition. And if that building was pre-wired, why not the twin towers? This is a horrible disclosure that should shock the senses of every American citizen that hears it. But, most people just keep on blindly following the easy road of government compliance. Churches too have been susceptible to this comfortable road of following what ever the “government” says, contrary to evidence otherwise.

Our U.S. Constitution does not permit wars upon the character of man, at home or abroad. Evil and terror are enigmas that each nation has its own right to deal with. National wars cannot be declared upon individuals in other lands but must be declared upon whole nations. And once declared there is no obligation or moral imperative obtained to “rebuild” and/or “reorganize” a conquered nation. But if the war be unlawful, as in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, the conqueror obtains no rights or privileges at all but has given the conquered the right to kill and destroy the conqueror at every opportunity until a surrender is offered. If a neighbor was to kill your wife and beat up your children, would you have an obligation and moral imperative to paint that neighbor’s house and bring toys and candy to his kids? Likewise, when America conquers, rebuilds and forms a “democracy” and never leaves, it proves only that America has had a design to take what it does not own and make it nice. This is a dangerous and anti-Presbyterian position.

When topics such as these appear in Sunday school for discussion, some people are offended upon hearing these Presbyterian principles of government. But they are the truth and they need to be heard especially by those who are the descendents of the Presbyters that brought them to light with the spillage of their blood. I want you to know my position on these issues before they come up to you some other way. I do not instigate these issues but I also do not avoid them if someone else brings them up. I always quote authority for reference but even that does not help those who are merely looking for the comfort of agreement regardless of the how erroneous the conclusion.

Cynthia and I have lived in Seguin for 20 years and been members of First Baptist, First Methodist, and Lifegate Ministries where both of our girls went to school. We have attended other churches over that time including, most recently, First Methodist in New Braunfels. My research into the fundamentals of government has led us to attend the Presbyterian church and we are very pleased with your church. The building is very nice and the interior reminds me of photos of the early American churches. The music is sweet and moving, the liturgy comfortable and we are attracted to your preaching. Cynthia and I will become members of your church if you and your congregation will accept us. We will attend any training classes required.

Finally, some of your congregation may know me already and may have formed an opinion of me already. I have been in the news a bit over a case wherein I am suing two individuals holding the two top positions at Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority that has its main office in Seguin. These two men live and work in our small town. There may be members here that know of the case and may not think highly of me. However, I assure you that if this appeal was not a significant opportunity for the judiciary of Texas to correct public policy, restore the Republic and protect the property of all citizens, the sole purpose of government, I would not pursue it at all. I do not wish harm to the defendants but I would love to see my family delivered and repaired and the citizens of Texas restored to their rightful position described in the Texas Constitution. And I thank God for the Presbyterians ahead of us who gave us this foundation to discover and maintain. It is hard to believe that the State of Texas could have adopted such a thing as “sovereign immunity” which they admit is an ancient monarchial common law where the “King can do no wrong and cannot be sued in his own courts.” This was proven erroneous over 350 years ago in Scotland and England and militarily defeated at Yorktown in 1783.

Oh, one last thing. I have written a book on theology entitled Alien Physics –The Physical Operation Performed Upon the Cosmos. The main premise of the book is that most Christians today do not acknowledge that Jesus did anything upon his first visit but that his mission was limited to convincing people that he was the Savior who would save them upon his return or in their natural death if his name is believed upon. I challenge that and prove that Jesus is the most powerful being in all the cosmos and that he operated upon the entire cosmos with his body when he came to earth the first time to open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven for all to enter, that no man can close; and that he will operate on the cosmos again in his return to close the door on the Kingdom of Heaven which no man will be able to open. I developed many new theological Biblical categories to prove my position. You may read the table of contents and other things about it at My pastor at Lifegate Ministries, Bob Odom, was kind enough to act as my sounding board, one hour a week, for two years during its writing. I have plans for a second book on sovereignty which will extend the Presbyterian fundamentals to logically prove global government, religion and economics to be unlawful, unworkable and immoral. Thank you for your time and patience to entertain our situation. We hope to see you Sunday, God willing.





Ronald F. Avery