Dear Editor,

It is a new phenomenon I am observing today that our "leaders" are marketing war and strategy to us, as if we had a say in which style of combat and attack we want to use. Are we to believe King Bush is going to ask our stupid inept Congress to Declare War on Iraq as required by our old outmoded constitution? You can bet your boots he ainít gonna do that! Our "leaders" (notice we have no "representatives" anymore) were marketing "our" attack on Iraq with the "light" war, the "medium" war and the "heavy" war as if this was a diet question. I guess it is a question of diet, it certainly isnít presented as a moral question! Notice what they do without our permission or vote still becomes "ours." The underling premise that is not marketed or discussed is the real option of refusing to back Israel in the continued occupation of Palestinian areas. This foreign policy option is not negotiable by anyone even the American people. Well, why is that? I think a lot of people are actually finding out why that is.


The news on ABC said that Rumsfeld and our "leaders" are going over the attack options with the intent to attack by early spring of next year. Can you believe they said that on Television? Do you know that this statement of intent is enough under the laws of nations to justify a strike against the American people? I donít believe Saddam Hussein has even made such a statement as to his intent against Americans. Where have you seen such a quote from him? Maybe he has but I have never seen it. He has probably said we are a bunch of jerks etc., etc., but I have not heard him say their army was going to attack us.

What if King Bush and the "Grand Strategy" boys for the "Post Cold War Ė New World Order" canít get the funding from Congress to take over the middle-east and install our governments over there? Would these guys like to see a "dirty bomb" go off in some nice little middle-American town like Liberty Kansas or something? Would that not get the kind of action going that they want? I think we should have Bush and the boys take lie detector tests concerning what they knew before the WTC destruction on 9/11/01.


Ronald F. Avery