Dear Senator,

I knew there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq. This is elementary. In fact, had there been WMDs in Iraq, Mr. Bush would not have sent troops into Iraq. I said so in another letter sent to a newspaper editor back before Bush and his servants attacked Iraq. Now after a long history of bad intelligence, exaggerated reports, fraudulent dossiers, and a dead inspector the head of the CIA Iraq Survey Group (ISG) has resigned. BBC News reports on 1/23/04 concerning Mr. David Kay's resignation: “He did say he believed Iraq had not had any large stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons during the 1990s."I don't think they existed," he told Reuters news agency in an interview."

Now we are asked by our so-called “government” to adopt the following logic. Mr. Bush violated the U.S. Constitution in sending troops to Iraq without a congressional Declaration of War against Iraq. Mr. Bush violated the Laws of Nations to attack a nation unprovoked by any threat made by Saddam Hussein beyond that of self defense. But since we are already over there we must finish the job.

Never use this logic when stopped for speeding. “Officer, it may be against the law but, I have been going 136 mph in a 35 mph speed zone for about five minutes and I am now only 1.5 minutes from my house. Why don't I just go on at this rate until I get home?” Do you think the “government” is going to buy that logic on speeding? Why should we accept this logic from “government” when it violates the law? What good comes from violating the law? What good comes from the completion of a crime unimpeded?

Why does Diane Sawyer rail against Dean for raising his voice to his supporters, as if that was illegal, and then not bother to question Mr. Bush's needless destruction of Iraq, the daily killing of American soldiers, the stealing of the resources of Iraq and the taxing of millions of out-of-work Americans to guarantee huge corrupt loans to Halliburton and others linked to his own administration?

What will it take to really turn Americans against the abuses of its own so-called government? We now watch on ABC television as Blackhawk helicopters blow people away with cannons who are not engaged in hostile activity. This will happen on American soil, mark my words. And if we don't start doing something right now to stop this kind of inhuman activity from Washington D.C. it will matter not a bit who is elected in the future. Let us unite to hold Washington D.C. accountable for its criminal activity. Let's demand that our so-called US Congress repair its misdeeds by recalling all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and repealing all the Anti-Patriot Tyranny Acts passed by Bush and Ashcroft to deny Americans of their God given rights. May Christ Jesus grant us the Rod of Iron he promised to achieve this. Amen!

Ronald F. Avery