Henry Dale Goltz                                           Lodgment

Aggrieved Texian American






                                      Petitioner   )                           


                    -against-                       )                      No. SA-05-CA-1056-RF


Henry Dale Goltz                             )

             Aggrieved Texian American         )                                              



Judicial Notice



  1. On February 10, 2006, the aggrieved Texian American, Henry Dale Goltz appeared at the office of the IRS at 8700 Tesoro Drive, Fifth Floor, San Antonio, Texas, with one witness.
  2. Mr. Goltz provided to Mr. Vic Dietz, IRS Revenue Officer, the information ordered by this court, and was prepared to cooperate with Mr. Dietz to create two “amended” returns.
  3. Mr. Dietz demanded additional information which was not immediately available to Mr. Goltz.
  4. That same morning, Mr. Goltz provided that information by telephone to the office of Mr. Dietz, per his instructions.
  5. Mr. Dietz refused to consider the creation of “amended” returns at that time, and he scheduled a follow up meeting with another IRS Revenue Officer for March 6, 2006.
  6. Mr. Goltz agreed to meet on March 6, 2006 at 9:00 am.
  7. On March 6, 2006 at 9:00 am, Mr. Goltz appeared at the office of the IRS at 8700 Tesoro Drive, Fifth Floor, San Antonio, Texas, with two witnesses.
  8. Mr. Goltz and the witnesses met with Mr. Vic Dietz and Mr. Shawn Hartley (?).
  9. Mr. Vic Dietz of the IRS asked for “information”.
  10. Mr. Goltz stated that he had no additional information that was not previously provided, provided in court, or subsequently provided under the court order.
  11. Mr. Shawn Hartley (?) offered to prepare “amended” returns from information he had available to him.
  12. Mr. Goltz offered to sign “amended” returns under duress as indicated by this court.
  13. The representatives of the IRS refused to accept a document signed under duress.
  14. Mr. Goltz stated that he had previously signed documents under penalty of perjury which he believes are true and correct, and he believes that any signing of a document with different information under penalty of perjury would be a falsehood.
  15. The IRS representatives stated that they did not want anyone to sign anything with which one does not agree.
  16. Mr. Dietz ended the meeting.



On this Sixth day of March anno Domini Two Thousand and Six -

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                        Henry Dale Goltz

                        Texian American

                        Aggrieved Party