Avery's Motion to Reconsider Granting of Oral Argument was denied on March 21, 2005, as shown above. Therefore, on April 6, 2005, The panel of three judges (Alma Lopez Chief Justice, Sandee Bryan Marion, & Phylis J. Speedlin) will decide if the State of Texas is sovereign over the Citizens of Texas to intentionally harm the Citizens in their life, liberties, and possessions with immunity without recourse to "her" courts or if the Citizens of Texas are Sovereign over the government they create for their own benefit as said in the present Texas Constitution Art 1 Sec 2.

I also want to say that I agree with the statement made earlier by the Appellate Court that Oral Argument would not help in determining the findings of fact or law. My Second Amended Brief and Appendix is essentially a book proving the sovereignty of citizens over the state they make for their benefit or the protection of their property and when it is harmed even by the state the courts are open to give remedy and application of the law.

The Attorneys for the State Corporation of GBRA did not challenge any of my points on appeal and were totally unresponsive and could not prove the State has Sovereignty or Immunity over Citizens to harm them but could only show a feable attempt for the state to acquire absolute sovereignty by waiving a portion of what they lack entirely.

I predict it will take until the end of May 2005 to receive a written Opinion From the Fourth Court of Appeals.

Pray for all three of these judges that they will have the courage to rule on the law no matter how devastating to their own personal careers in the law profession.

If they rule in favor of the Citizen Sovereignty over the state they create and with Dickson v. Strickland (Texas Supreme Court 1924) which also gave these female justices the right to run for and hold public office and stated that the Citizens of Texas are sovereign, these ladies will have overturned 158 years of bad common law in Texas. Further, The Texas Tort Claims Act of 1969 will be declared void and Chapters 101 through 110 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedy Code will be declared null and void.

This Fourth Court of Appeals has Art 16 Sec 48 of the Texas Constitution for jurisdiction in determining if any statute or common law is repugnant to the Constitution of Texas or the Constitution of the United States of America. Well, Ancient Monarchial Common Law that says, "The King Can Do No Wrong" and can harm "their subjects" in their life, liberty and possessions with or without intent with immunity and prerogative without recourse to "His" Courts is repugnant to the Texas Constitution and the US Constitution. Amen and Amen!

Pray for God's intervention that he strengthen these judges to do the right thing and stand for the law. Amen

Who knows, maybe these ladies could become Governors and Presidents if the people find out that they declared the Citizens to be Sovereign as they are indeed. Pray that the news media pick up on this important story.

Ron Avery