Ronald F. Avery

1955 Mt. Vernon

Seguin, Texas 78155



July 6, 2008


Rev. Dr. Carl W. McCauley, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church

305 North King Street

Seguin, Texas 78155



Re:       Second and more important project.


Dear Carl,


For a long time now I have wanted to present to our church the evidence for the use of explosive demolition on the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001. Richard Gage, San Francisco architect and founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth just completed his presentation of this overwhelmingly convincing evidence at University Presbyterian Church in their Fellowship Hall at 139 E. Alameda in Tempe Arizona 85282 on Friday June 27, 2008. This showing by University Presbyterian rekindled my desire to present this hard evidence to our Presbyterian church in Seguin.


Prior to today I was unsure of how to ask you about it or how you would feel about it. I was therefore reluctant to ask until your 4th of July service where you delivered a stirring account of the history of Presbyterianism in the progress towards lawful and just government both in America and abroad.


Your sermon’s opening remarks were greeted with grins and chuckles when you quoted some members as saying, “When will the Presbyterian church quit sticking its nose into the affairs of government?” Your answer was, “based upon its history, not in the near future.”


You told us of the Presbyterian Church in North Carolina that in 1775 wrote that the people in America should be free and independent from England and used language and phrases that later appeared exactly as written in the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.


You spoke of John Calvin and his impact on government in Geneva and his view of two governments based upon St. Augustine’s discussion of two cities one secular and the other spiritual in his book City of God. You recalled the history of Presbyterian President of Princeton, John Witherspoon, signing the Declaration of Independence and the impact he had upon our young nation and the many students of his that served as representatives, senators, Supreme Court justices, vice president, in Aaron Burr and President in James Madison.


You said that the church was and is called to be the conscience of the government and nation just as the prophets were called to be the conscience of the wayward Kings to tell them “you are lost and your policies are messed up!”


Upon ending your courage stirring sermon you stated that the church was required and called to be perfect as Christ said in the Gospel Reading (Matthew 5:43-48) but that the church had a long way to go. Yet you then gave us hope in saying that the gap between where we are and where we should be in our perfection as the conscience of the nation is where we find the Holy Spirit and power to do great things” Then you said in this quest to be the perfect conscience of the nation let us “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor. Amen”


Now even the week before, while you were on vacation, Bob Sebesta, our own resident retired pastor, preached the notion that we as Christians should make sure that we are honest with ourselves and with foreigners. He raised the question of the potential of our fading righteousness as a point of contention with the so-called “radical Islamic extremists.” He said that our materialism could be a point where God is using others to bring us to repentance.


In keeping with both messages from the pulpit at First Presbyterian Church Seguin, and in the tradition of the Presbyterian Church as the conscience for the government, I submit to you evidence that supports Bob’s message that we are not being honest with ourselves and we have traded truth, courage and honesty for materialism and we have let some from within our nation, alien to our form of government and justice, enslaves us and use us for their unrighteous ends. I have undeniable evidence that the three high-rise towers of the World Trade Center were not brought down by two jets or the resulting fires but by careful well planned explosive demolition under the protection of the WTC lease holder and those in high places who still walk around as free citizens of this country as accessories to the murder of over 3,000 in America and over one million in Afghanistan and Iraq.


You both have assured me that the burden I feel to warn my fellows and inform my countrymen of what has happened to us and what is going on and to be an honest conscience to my government is a true and God given burden that must be delivered. You both have confirmed that my yoke to be the conscience of the government and its citizens to let them know that they are “lost and their policies are messed up,” is true to the tradition of the Presbyterian Church and worthy of assistance by all Presbyterians. I now have to be honest with myself, with my church and with others and with foreigners regarding what really happened on September 11, 2001 and the lies that were used as a pretext for the destruction of innocent people both here and abroad. I now ask you to share with me that burden and help me get these facts to our church, other churches, and our city.


I am an architect, as you know, and I am a member of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.[1] I have made a joint presentation with Richard Gage at the University of Texas where I showed my model of the WTC at the scale of one inch equals thirty feet and answered questions with him. I have also prepared four large posters that surround this 4 x 4 x 4 foot model. There is no other model of the WTC that is of this detail to my knowledge. I have included herein a DVD of the Richard Gage presentation entitled 911 Blueprint for Truth – the Architecture of Destruction which includes a power point presentation with embedded movies and video evidence. It is accompanied by the warm personality and professionalism of Richard Gage.


I would like for you to watch this DVD and then consider a time our congregation could watch it altogether. I would think that upon viewing this they would be happy to open their doors to a city wide presentation of these facts that have come to light in the last six years. There is another very critical reason for showing this material now and getting it out to as many people as possible. A group operating in our nation with power to destroy and cover up how they did it and why they did it can do it again and continue to do it until the people are completely powerless to resist the force of tyranny. If well known powerful citizens and government officials covering for others can get away with this they can get away with nuking a whole city and blaming it upon some other nation or group to plunder and destroy. The rapid spread of this information increases the chances of a continued land of liberty. In fact, Dick Chaney and others have said that another terrorist act would do the Republicans good in getting elected. And Senator, Joseph Lieberman, has said that the new president to be elected in November will be inaugurated by an act of terrorism to test him. But from what we now know, those remarks are a direct threat made by those who actually orchestrated the 911 “terrorism” and blamed it on others. Further, this group may commit another atrocity and blame it upon Iran or some other group, possibly our own citizens in order to create a distraction of such magnitude to avoid any further investigation and spread of facts implicating the real criminals and tyrants behind the atrocities of 911.


It is my opinion that the crimes of September 11, 2001 were committed by the Israeli secret police (Mossad). The Jewish Mossad had the motive, they had the man power, and they had the expertise and technology, they had the protection of the Jewish WTC lease holder, Larry Silverstein, and they have worked in this country conducting stings and other operations in the years before and after 911 with protection of our elected officials. In fact, the head of homeland security in America today, Michael Chertoff, is Jewish and holds dual citizenship in Israel and the United States. That outrage should not be permitted and would never have been permitted in early America. I think it easy for an army of foreign high tech secret police working undercover to keep a secret about blowing up the WTC and committing other crimes on 911. Only a handful of those in government need cover for them while main stream media owned by a few moguls look the other way.


I am also aware that there are several in our congregation that are retired military and some who are active even now and many relatives of our members are active military including my own son-in-law. However, there are also many high level military officers that are questioning the same events and many are now aware of much of the evidence and facts presented in this DVD and are questioning our government. We should make this known to those in and close to the military so they may verify this if they chose. I do not wish to offend people but the truth is the truth and it must be told in order to fulfill the role of the conscience of America.


America does not have much longer to expose this internal horror because it will soon be at the complete mercy of foreign alien armies. If our churches do not wake up to what is going on it will all be lost forever. But I believe the church will wake up just as it has in the past to carry the world to new heights of liberty and freedom in the recognition of what Christ has done in the world. Therefore I want to overcome and keep the works of Christ to obtain the unqualified promise of the rod of iron to dash the nations to shivers as a potter over his vessels.[2]


I therefore, ask you to let me show the Blueprint for Truth DVD that I have included herewith on a big screen in Karrick Hall and to set up my model of the WTC for viewing and discussion and to answer any questions one may have regarding what has been discovered to date. I also will have other DVDs and books and flyers on hand with as much government condemning facts related to the 911 incident at the Pentagon and Shanksville. I will at my expense obtain the screen, the projector, and pay all costs related to the future showing of it to those in and outside our church.


Therefore, please watch this video and pray about what we should do about the implications of the facts and evidence shown therein. I trust that you will help carry our burden to the members of First Presbyterian, to those of other churches and to the citizens of Seguin, Texas and maybe beyond. We are not the first church to carry this burden but we will be one of the first to help the University Presbyterian Church in Tempe, Arizona act as the conscience of our nation related to false terrorism, unlawful wars, conquests and slaughter in the Middle East and the lost Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness via tyrants at home. May God in Christ be glorified by our actions and may the true foundation of America in Him be restored.




Ronald F. Avery

Texas Architect #09285



[2] Revelation 2:26-28