Memo of my recollection of phone call from Carl McCauley (Pastor) 10:46 AM 9/16/08 typed within 30 minutes:

Carl = C; Ron = R


1.      C:   Ron I want to speak to you about passing out that material last Sunday.

2.      C:   That was disruptive during the lesson.

3.      R:   Yes, I know and I apologize for that. It was clumsy and getting there late always makes everything I do clumsy I don’t know what it will take to get my family there on time.

4.      R:   I have passed out other literature during Sunday School Class and no one seemed to mind. But now I think the trouble this time related to the content.

5.      R:   But I don’t apologize for the content of the material, and if I can be forgiven for the manner in which it was delivered I believe, all will benefit from it.

6.      C:   I don’t think the content was appreciated either.

7.      R:   I know it was not pleasant but it was the truth.

8.      C:   I don’t think anyone appreciated those “conspiracy theories.”

9.      R:   Those are just scientific facts not theories.

10.  C:   A study was just released last month that dispelled one of the “conspiracy theories.”

11.  R:   Yes a study came out, but they admitted in their own document that they did not address the collapse of building 7 in terms of a controlled demolition but sought only evidence that would support the “most plausible, acceptable explanation” of collapse from the failure of one column. No architect is going to believe that!

12.  C:   I think there would be a debate about that.

13.  R:   I don’t think there could be a debate over facts that most people don’t have because the government has not provided many facts only their stories.

14.  C:   I think I can speak for the session that this should not be distributed at our church.

15.  R:   I would like to see the scriptural justification for not being permitted to talk about things of this magnitude affecting our nation. Your own sermons bear me out and agree with me. I stand in harmony with them but now you run a different kind of Sunday school class.

16.  C:   I don’t think so.

17.  C:   I think I speak for the session that you should not distribute any more of that at our church or during Sunday School Class.

18.  R:   Alright I won’t do that any more. Thank you.

19.  C:   I’ll see you later

20.  R:   OK