GBRA, West and Welsch answer Avery’s $6 Million civil lawsuit with their Special Exceptions

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GBRA, West and Welsch hide behind SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY like that held by KING GEORGE in 1776. This bad “law” that creates a government “culture” of property rights violations against Texans is contained in the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code (TCPR). The following list the parts of the code GBRA rely on for protection. Re: for TCPR


  1. If you sue the actors, officers or employees in the government, you are barred from suing the government entity that they work for.
  2. If you sue the government entity that the actors worked for, you are barred from suing the actors, officers and employees of the government.
  3. If you sue the government for property damage you may only collect a maximum of $10,000.
  4. If you sue the government for deprivation of property right you may only collect a maximum of $100,000.
  5. If you sue for loss of life you can only collect a maximum of $100,000 for each person or a maximum of $300,000 for each incident.
  6. You cannot sue the government for intentional torts done by its officers or employees (101.057(2) TCPR.
  7. You can sue the government for the acts or omissions of its officers and employees if you sustain damage from them in their normal lawful course of their duties or jobs.


The logic behind the TCPR code is to protect and secure criminals that work in a government office. It is far better for a government employee to intentionally harm those they want to punish than to simply be negligent or careless in the performance of their duties. The government will surely tell you this “law” is to protect the “taxpayer” from claims against government for the acts of criminals in government but the taxpayer is only protected when the government stops abusing the citizens it is to serve. But the taxpayer is getting it from both ends, the abuse by government criminals and high taxes.


The result for Avery is that he would have been better off had Libyan terrorists come on his property and damage it and done all the other things to him done by GBRA employees. He could then sue the Libyan government and be awarded full damages as was done by citizens of America. So the government of Libya is responsible to citizens of America for the intentional torts of Libyan citizens (not office holders or employees). But Texas and its subdivisions and quasi-public corporations are not responsible for the damage done to Texans because of SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY.


Under these laws if I owned the Texas Trade Center costing roughly 7 billion dollars and I learned that the governor of Texas had hatched a plan to have it demolished to blame Oklahoma for doing it and send the Texas militia to take Oklahoma, I would only be able to sue Texas for a total of $110,000 for all property damage and I would have to unsuit the governor. I would be able to collect another $100,000 for each death up to three or a total of $300,000 for each incident. If the buildings were demolished by two Rider trucks instead of one I could collect a total of $600,000 from the state of Texas for all 3,000 plus deaths. Of course, I could sue the governor himself for the $7 Billion but we all know he doesn’t have it or anything close to it.


However, if some citizen of Libya had done the demolition of my Texas Trade Center instead of the governor of Texas, I could sue Libya for $7 Billion and stand a good chance of collecting. Therefore, the government of Libya accepts more responsibility for damage to citizens of Texas than the government of Texas. OUTRAGEOUS! See Libya Settlement


Our new laws in American and in the states are creating “cultures” of criminals that are protected by the governments they work for from the damage they do to the citizens that all our government entities are to protect. The GBRA CULTURE is one of those quasi-governmental entities that need reform, but it won’t happen with laws like the TCPR code in place.


All over the news we have heard about the 9/11 Investigation Committee finding that the FBI needs reform because of a “culture” of neglect, poor internal security, and poor communication with field operatives etc., etc. What allows for rotten “cultures?” Rotten Laws protect cultures of government abuse. Therefore get ready for new and higher levels of government abuse of the property rights of citizens.




Ronald F. Avery