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Avery v. GBRA et. al.

Avery files Motion for Rehearing at 4th Court of Appeals:

Avery files his Motion For Rehearing at the Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio, Texas belligerently demanding that the Court prove to the parties on appeal that the state of Texas has “absolute sovereign immunity” to kill the citizens and steal everything they possess without recourse to the courts of Texas unless waived by the Legislature. Read this amazing document at www.PostWTC.com/appeal-m-reh-1.html

Avery’s Motion Proves:

1.      The 4th Court of Appeals did not cite cases that answered his questions on appeal.

2.      The 4th Court of Appeals did not resolve two Texas Supreme Court cases, where one initiates the “presumption” of “absolute sovereign immunity” to kill and destroy the citizens of Texas without recourse to the courts unless waived by the legislature.

3.      The other Supreme Court case declares the citizens of Texas to be sovereign based upon the fundamental constitutional law of Texas for their benefit and “nothing can be presumed against the rights of the citizens of Texas.”

4.      The cold hyper-technical discernment of what constitutes waiver under the Texas Tort Claims Act and its codification in chapters 101-110 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedy Code is straining at gnats after swallowing the camel of “presumption.”


 Stay tuned as Avery exposes this most bizarre discovery of ancient concepts still hanging on in the governance of Texas to the harm of the citizens’ centuries after they have been proved false and wicked.

For absolute proof, see www.PostWTC.com then click Avery v King then click on Appellant’s 2nd Amended Brief and Appendix on left navigation bar. You won’t believe it! Then read the Memorandum Opinion rendered by the 4th Court.