To All News Agencies:


As of 8/26/05 The Supreme Court of State says that government officials and employees can continue to kill the citizens of Texas, steal and destroy the property of citizens, and harm them in anyway without recourse to the courts of Texas unless waived by the legislature (Texas Tort Claims Act of 1969).


The Fourth Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas have admitted that the state “presumes” to have “absolute sovereign immunity” to kill the citizens and destroy all the property of the citizens of Texas without recourse to the courts of Texas but cannot prove that their presumption is valid or warranted. In fact, Avery showed on appeal that the First Supreme Court of Texas and the Supreme Court decision in the Dickson v. Strickland 1924 case stated that “nothing can be presumed against the rights of the sovereign citizens of Texas and anything that would be so unjust as to invade their life, liberty, lands and reputations would require the most explicit declaration of such intent in the constitution of Texas.”


Since there is no such explicit declaration in the Constitution of Texas permitting the State to harm the citizens without recourse to the courts of Texas, the courts cannot and will not address the issue of “absolute sovereign immunity” other than to say that their presumption to harm the citizen is not open for judicial review.


This type of ruling by the courts in violation of every known law and principle, of course, is what wars have historically been fought over. This is not to say that the Petitioner will harm any of these moronic defenders of tyranny but it is only to point out that they are earning their demise and planting the seeds of their own destruction which at some point will be unavoidable and unmercifully executed a generation or so from now.


None of you will inform the public of this tyranny, but just to complete your preparation for the coming destruction by God, you may want to see how the courts respond to a direct challenge of sovereign immunity at then click on Avery’s Petition for Review under the Supreme Court of Texas on the left navigation bar. You may then read the “Memorandum Opinion” by the Fourth Court of Appeals under that heading just above the Supreme Court on the left navigation bar. Since there are no facts in dispute and no procedural complaints against Avery, the issues are very simple and clear.


If you are in agreement that the state has absolute sovereign immunity to kill its own citizens without recourse to the courts of Texas then you are not an American in any sense of the word nor do you know anything about history and you have become an animal fitted and prepared for destruction as God hates tyrants and their servants and will show them that their great technological power cannot withstand the mere whisper of God’s wrath.



Ronald F. Avery