Item 12 – At this point, I would like to interject a personal note on Conspiracy in the nature of a “gotcha girlie”.


1. The reader should note that in paragraph 2 of Item 11  - “US Resp to Exception to Order of 092806”, the Plaintiff quotes from my “Exception to Order of 092806” as follows:


        The Defendants do not raise any new arguments in      their Motion for Reconsideration [Exception] other       than to assert that the “Order was manufactured by       the Petitioner [Plaintiff] and issued without even having been read by the Court.”  Defendants’         assertion that the United States drafted the         September 28, 2006 Order is preposterous.


2. Oh Really?  Next the reader should note the header line entry on the Plaintiff’s Item 11 document. 


3. Now, the reader should go back and check the Court Order which can be found at Item 08.  Do you see any similarity?  Is it possible that the Court uses a header line on its Orders, and that the header line the Court uses is so remarkably similar to the Justice Department header line?


Now here is the clincher.  Every document filed by the DOJ contains a similar header line.  To minimize file size, I cropped it out when I scanned in their other documents.


To date, there are only two other Court Order that have been issued.  One was an Order to permit a time extension.  It was initialed by the judge with a pen and it contains no header line.  The other was entitled “ORDER AND ADVISORY” and dated 08/21/2006.  It contains a virtually identical header line and an identical (albeit slightly reduced in size) “signature” of the judge!!  Who signs these things?


Can you say collusion?