September 18, 2001

Dear President George W. Bush,

In observing the American media, surrounding the terrorist attacks, it appears to me that your political and military options are closing in around you. I feel for your position. It appears you are caught between our own need to quench the need for justice for our own citizens and at the same time not hurl our nation into a quagmire of some 600 million Muslims around the world.

I know there are many other parties you must satisfy as well with a solution. But I know you are a Christian like myself and I would like to humbly suggest a possible approach that has been historically overlooked but accessible.

It appears to me, after considerable study, that the Constitution of the United States may give you an option that will satisfy many people in America as well as strike fear into the hearts of militant factions of terrorists all around the world. Strength is observed in a people that can hold their own governments in check. This has become a rare spectacle indeed. What I propose does not cost anything compared to any other plan. It can be played over and over to show those at home and abroad that we are repentant, serious and capable.

Many of our own citizens including myself are concerned that the present course does nothing but punish our own citizens rather than assist them in their difficulty. My proposal gives comfort to our citizens and causes fear in our enemy. What could be better?

Rather than set the U.S. Constitution aside in this most severe time, why not declare it in full effect. What an amazing use of "The War Powers Act." Rather than set aside the greatest document in the world, praise it as just what it is - the culmination of 5000 years of man's struggle for liberty. That does not mean that a complete return could or would be possible at this time but even that direction would be worthy, wholesome and strong enough to unite all citizens of America.

The first benefit would be to have Congress call up every state militia. In other words arm the citizens of the United States. Something the terrorist world has never seen. This would also provide protection to every American sole wherever he may go in the U.S. This one act would also put at rest the worries of a police state that is constantly looming in the American mind. Fifty separate well armed state militias will put that to rest. A police state is not possible under such a Constitutional system. The armed citizen is one very visible mark of a free man. This is not a soldier army but a citizen army.

Rather than take away more liberties from Americans, show our citizens and the terrorist world that we are free and our law in the U.S. is what motivates us not passion and fear. I know people think your crazy to follow the law but why not try it once? There is no provision in the Constitution for a War Powers Act that sets aside the Constitution. Therefore, I believe it would make sense to stick to the oath and defend the Constitution from its enemies both foreign and domestic. Arm the people, stick to the law of the land and that will drive fear into the heart of any tyrant anywhere.

God has already blessed us with a treasure - its time to use it and make fan fare about it!


Ronald F. Avery