The Contest


1.      The Collectivist (group) and illegal power or force (Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority – GBRA);

2.      Based upon Collectivists view that management of the natural resources and economy and people by experts is superior to the right of any individual or minority.

3.      The ends justify the means for the greater good of the greater number of people.

4.      The ancient idea of Might is Right adopted by the New World Order - do unto others before they do unto you.

5.      Authority belongs to those that have more power.


6.      The Individual and their Property – Ronald F. Avery (the person) and his property (life, liberty and possessions).

7.      Illegal exercise of force by “government” v. the right of the Individual.

8.      The sole purpose of government is to protect the property of every member of the society it governs. Property is life, liberty and possessions.

9.      America was built on property rights as expounded by John Locke in his Second Treatise of Civil Government in 1689 and known and quoted most often by the founders.

10.  A government that attacks the individual’s right of property abandons its foundation and sole purpose to exist. What is bad for one is bad for all!

Confidence of Antagonist:

11.  I believe GBRA’s confidence is going to have to be in their political power with influential members of the community.

12.  I believe GBRA’s confidence is going to have to be in their political power with politicians.

13.  I believe GBRA’s confidence is going to have to be in judges.

Confidence of Victim:

14.  I know that some good for all citizens will fall out of GBRA’s misuse of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act and their discussion of Victim as a Domestic Terrorist with Homeland Security.

15.  My confidence is in God because without Him, I would not have a suit against GBRA.

16.  My hope has to be in God first and in the people second and the courts third. The courts are not altogether hopeless but they are without the people watching them and God intervening in the actions.

17.  But my friends say to me the people won’t help you, they are too ignorant to care about what is going on in America and they are too self-absorbed and busy trying to pay bills and taxes, as they get further and further behind, to care about anything.

18.  I do not agree. Why would Christ have come to earth and do what he did if God the Father did not know that people would respond? God knows that people will see the truth and will be redeemed and will stand for property rights that His Saints have revealed to us all over the centuries.

19.  All these matters center on property and how mankind views it. Christian patriots (John Locke 1689, Frederick Bastiat 1850 etc.) saw property as the key to all government and civil matters. While others may be well intentioned, they are misled by collectivists that view property as merely a tool to shape the world into a better place.

Victim’s view of Antagonists:

20.  Therefore, I don’t dislike Mr. West or Mr. Welsch. But I dislike their views and what those views have cost me and what those views will cost others. If I am not delivered from them in a mighty way they will continue in their beliefs and other “public servants” will continue to join them and think less and less of the peoples’ property. And the people will suffer more and more.

21.  I believe Mr. West and Mr. Welsch thought little of my real property in McQueeney. I believe they felt like they had a right to destroy my property in the course of their good works of cleaning up for me and others.

22.  I believe Mr. West thought little of trying to have my approved septic permits denied because I believe he views himself as the guardian of the water and saw no limits to measures he could take to guard that for the public good.

23.  I believe that Mr. West and GBRA think little of discussing my window breaking episode with Homeland Security and contemplating charging me as a Domestic Terrorist because again I believe there is little recognition of the property of individuals in society. Those that are willing to take or damage your possessions, will think little of taking your liberty and ultimately those that care little for the liberty of others will also one day take your life.

24.  These were concepts well established by John Locke in 1689 which led to the “glorious revolution” in England and the foundation of the U.S. Constitution 100 years later. Locke was also the most quoted author of the American Revolution.

25.  It is evident that GBRA attacked all forms of my property; life, liberty and possessions. They attacked my possessions by entering my property without permission and then breaking my real property with heavy equipment. GBRA attacked my liberty and possession of a decent reputation by calling me a diseased person with a “chemical imbalance.” GBRA attacked my life and liberty when they discussed my actions with Homeland Security when they knew I was innocent of Terrorism and was merely protesting GBRA’s own negligence in regard to my property.

26.  My act in doing a trifling of damage was to protest GBRA’s negligence of damaging the property of one whom they are supposed to protect. All government agencies have the main purpose of the protection of the property of the individuals under that government.

How some may view the Victim:

27.  Many people will not see why I sued GBRA, West and Welsch for six million dollars. Some will say I didn’t have that much damage. How would they know unless they too were experienced with working for months, even years, getting a $511,000 loan and contract documents and engineers and then learn there are quasi government officials taking steps to stop your development that are outside their power? Who would want to develop an RV park knowing that when these steps are taken there is no recourse to deliver them to safety?

28.  Many will say they don’t like suits filed against quasi public corporations or government because the tax payer will have to pay for it. But what will stop government abuse unless the violators are sent a message that is large enough to get their attention? If government does not respect the property of individuals why would they be trustworthy with taxation? And is not the heavy hand of modern day taxation just another attack upon the property of the people?

29.  Nothing in our society seems to get attention like money. Many would not cover this story if it were merely about curbs and roads and windows and schemes and even terrorism and chemical imbalance. My suit against GBRA draws attention because of its magnitude in money. And what will send a message to other government agencies other than the magnitude of the money? Do you really think that another government official will reconsider talking to Homeland Security when they know the party is innocent if the first case was only fined a trifling?

30.  Does anyone know how hard it will be for me now to again begin work on my RV Park after finding out about all of this? I look for deliverance in a mighty way. I look for a way which will warn others that if you don’t have a real legal way to stop me from developing my property than stay a long way away from me. Nothing will do that like a large economic resolution to my suit against GBRA.

What a Victory for Victim will mean to All People:

31.  All citizens and property owners will benefit and feel free to develop their property without fear of hidden efforts on the part of quasi public officials.

32.  I believe the real purpose of GBRA is within the interest of all Texans to protect water quality. But if those in GBRA take steps outside their power to injure the property of individual Texans than they need to be corrected by the court system in a way that will send a message and give peace of mind to all citizens of Texas that life, liberty and possessions will be protected by their own government.

33.  Any time a government official or administrator of a quasi-public corporation thinks of using Homeland Security to get out of their own responsibility to pay for damage they have done to others, they will refrain themselves.