The Purpose of this Website:

The purpose of this site is to contrast modern thinking with the fundamental principles of liberty that our U.S. Constitution is built upon.

How do you know anything about bin Laden? How do you know about Anthrax and who mailed a letter with Anthrax in it? How do we know the truth about anything our "government" tells us? We have to have trust and faith in our "government."

How do we maintain trust and faith in "government?" The People are able to maintain their trust and faith in their government when it shows evidence of conformity to the law of the land that the People agreed to. The People are able to maintain their trust and faith in their government when the government does not violate the rights and liberties of the People.

Is it not a fundamental duty of true patriotic Americans to question the motives, activities, and involvements that our government may have in some controversy? Has this function of true Americanism now been labeled as "evil conspiracy theory propaganda?"

What is a conspiracy and what is a conspiracy theory? A conspiracy is something planned or executed in a secret combination of actors to do something illegal. A "conspiracy theory" is a label applied to any implication of fact or fantasy that suggests that our government could be somehow secretly involved in the knowledge and/or execution of some crime upon the people.

This website is not a "conspiracy theory" website. This site asks questions about real observable violations of the law of the land by the Federal government that tend to weaken the trust and faith in government. These new violations are not done in secret and the continual violations over the years are not committed in secret. We long to see the day that we can trust the federal government. Why would anyone believe a person that routinely violated the law? Why would a people believe their own government that was in constant violation of their social contract - The united states Constitution?

Since September 11, 2001, the opinions of many Americans have intensified against those that have legitimate questions about the role of government in the protection and security of Americans. These Americans are now ready to believe that patriotic Christians, who have complaints about our government, are capable and willing to become terrorists against their own people. An example has been created in Timothy McVeigh. Some call him a radical right wing Christian. Are you able to dispute the potential claim of a defensive government that some Christian patriot did not spread anthrax? Aren't the legal, citizen-militias 'sitting ducks' for this kind of accusation? Are we only a heartbeat from naming anyone who is not united in our stand against "terrorism" a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer? If it's possible to have "dissidents, radical Christians, citizen militias," etc. that are willing to terrorize their own brothers, is it impossible to have a defensive law violating government that would terrorize their own people? What if our government has already been taken over by extremely wealthy individuals and companies - could they not make terrorist events happen to advance their own secret agenda?

This is a site where only the knowledge of the fundamentals of any good civil government, established long ago, are compared to what we see our own "government" doing presently and what the people are ready to believe.

What the people are ready to believe, is what they shall receive!

The federal government has taken the position of the only knowledgeable entity on the playing field. This places the individual citizen at a great disadvantage. The citizen is totally reliant upon the government story for everything known. But this is not true. The most important facts to know are not in the control of the Federal government. You are able to find and know the most important facts about the destiny of the united states of America. If you know the fundamentals of civil government and who is violating them, you are a free and powerful individual armed with truth about the events of this age.

Therefore, having illustrated the symptoms of this age, it is revealed that the only protection one has in this new age is the fundamentals of civil government that are proclaimed at this website.

Here are some facts (not conspiracy theories) that would lead anyone to suspicion in regard to our present situation and our "government's" involvement in the "terrorism" going on in America.

It is illegal for the United States government to:

  1. Maintain a federal standing army for more than two years;
  2. Use paper money as currency;
  3. Infringe upon the people's right to keep and bear arms in any way;
  4. Infringe upon the right of the people to express their religion;
  5. Make mandates of any kind regarding public education;
  6. Establish any welfare program outside to the 8 mentioned in Article I Sect. 8;
  7. Set the U.S. Constitution aside under any condition including a declared war;
  8. Place a standing army or militia under internal police agencies;
  9. Grant war powers to the President without a declaration of war;
  10. Send troops overseas with out a declaration of war;
  11. Own parks or land outside its 10 square miles in Washington DC for any purpose other than military bases;


My purpose in writing letters to the editor of the Seguin Gazette Enterprise, in Seguin, Texas is to illustrate the difference between the ideals of the forefathers and what they are now.

The responses to my letters recently are very predictable and not only by me but by those in "government." I write these letters in hopes that in some way the curiosity of the readers will be stirred so they will read and educate themselves on the fascinating laws of civil government. The violations of these laws, weather written or unstated, leads to tyranny and great suffering. If you have a hard time coming to grips with the WTC and Pentagon then you will even have a more difficult time with that which is to come. But rest assured that I have no group affiliation with any group other the founding ideas of the forefathers, which are eternal. Once these laws are seen and understood, they live on their own because they are true. The only power any man has is ultimately the power of his ideas. I listen to people to hear what ideas they have in their heads and then I contrast them to the ideas that made this nation great.