This lawsuit was brought against Dr. James Fetzer by "Leonard Pozner" who claims that Fetzer defamed him for declaring that an unsealed death certificate of Pozner's son was a fake death certificate.

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There were five different versions of a death certificate of one person which could conceivably lead a reasonable person to doubt the legitimacy of any one or more of them.

A summary judgment was granted in favor of Pozner in a pretrial hearing finding Fetzer guilty of defamation or libel as a matter of law without regard to facts.

A jury was then seated for the first time to determine the damages owed Pozner. The jury found that Fetzer had damaged Pozner to the tune of $450,000!

Are we now required to make partial copies of legal documents legititmate or be found guilty of defamation for concluding that a partial document is a fake?

If that is the new rule we are to live under what do we do when we find documents like this (Exh-U Fetzer Response to Pozner Motion to Strike Answer & Appendix A in Fetzer's book):

And what are we supposed to think about a document like this (Trialo Exhibit H page 87 Sandy Hook Collected Memoranda & page 166 167 of Fetzer's book Nobody Died At Sandy Hook Exhibit 10 accepted at Pozner Summary Judgment hearing):

Which documents would you trust more? Those two above or any one or more of the five different versions of Noah Pozner's death certificates?






Since this lawsuit demands that we should deem an incomplete document to be legitimate, how did Adam Lanza get past all those FEMA agents, Connecticut Police Officers, the Medical Examiner, Firemen, and other First Responders already gathered at Sandy Hook that morning to kill 26 people and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CN? Applying the new Pozner standard to documents requires that we do not question the validity of the FEMA Sandy Hook Mass Casualty Drill Involving Children that all these authorities were collected at Sandy Hook Elementary the morning of both the day of and the day before the alleged shooting.

And this new Pozner standard demands that we do not question the fact that no one died in Sandy Hook, a subdivision of Newtown CN in the year of the alleged shooting as stated in the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

We must question something because all three documents cannot be true. Either Noah Pozner died on 12/14/2012 or he did not. We must question the Death Certificates and the two Federal documents. How can a person be economically destroyed for questioning an incomplete unsealed death certificate over two federal documents?

Can we really believe that the FBI missed 28 deaths in Newtown CN that occurred in the most famous mass shooting reported internationally?

We must answer these questions:

It is also revealing that the main stream media has acted as one monolithic whole, proving to be a cartel, in broadcasting this erroneous pre-trial summary judgment ruling and jury award of $450,000 as a great victory against all who would question the Sandy Hook mass shooting. The Sandy Hook mass shooting is a mass media cartel news story and they are all acting as one to protect their news story from investigation. This is the most serious issue of our time especially now when the media have been caught cheating on the numbers related to the so-called "Covid-19 Pandemic." Civil society will not survive with a mass media cartel with all power to create unquestionable reality. And we cannot have legal rules of precedent that protect the media stories and presume them to be true over those who may discover real facts that prove these stories to be partially or completely false.

This case in not over until it goes to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin or the United States of America and Dr. Fetzer has a right to defend himself and speak of his defense and the facts and legality of it to all until the very end of this litigation and beyond as long as he does not violate the findings of the court of final appeal. Mr. Pozner has a right to stop Dr. Fetzer from saying any or all of the various different copies of a death certificate for Noah Pozner is/are fake but Fetzer should not be barred from questioning the legitimacy of them under the facts of this case in relation to his defense especially since the whole judicial finding rests on a summary judgment which cannot stand under the facts of this case and will most likely be reversed on appeal.

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