This was the location of Exhibit 10, the book, until 7/5/20 when it was removed under a DMCA Takedown order issued by the Host requiring the Subscriber to remove it. Exhibit #10 which is a book entitled Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: IT WAS A FEMA DRILL TO PROMOTE GUN CONTROL with over 400 pages was ordered to be removed by a ruling in favor of a "Leonard Pozner" for reasons unknown to the subscriber. Only two pages of this exhibit, open to the public in a libel suit court record, were found to contain libelous material by a summary judgment. The Subscriber offered to remove those two pages in addition to two other pages Subscriber had previously removed by an earlier Takedown order obtained by "Leonard Pozner."

No evidence has been shown to the Subscriber that the whole book has been sealed by court order within the public record containing these judicial filings or what legal right "Leonard Pozner" has to a obtain a "takedown" order for the whole book. The Subscriber was simply ordered to take it down if he wanted the website made accessible again.

Exhibit 10, the book, is major proof that the Summary Judgment awarded to "Leonard Pozner" is erroneous under the rules on summary judgment as the gest of the book, which leads one to conclude that nobody died at Sandy Hook, should have been taken as true by the Judge in order for the judge to grant a pre-trial summary judgment in favor of the Plaintiff, "Leonard Pozner," and that would be impossible under the gest of the book. Refer to Avery commentary on Summary Judgment Standard of Review.