Dear Congressmen,

I watched the Nightly News on PBS last night and saw four Congressmen discussing the "resolution" that the President sent to the Congress requesting authority to do whatever it takes to get Iraq to comply with the UN resolutions, including the use of military force. This is not possible for you to do without dissolving the union!

Congress cannot approve nor grant its own "resolution" giving its own power to Declare War to the President of the United States of America. The instant that another takes, either by fraud, deceit, agreement, acquiescence, or any other way, the power that belongs to another under the Constitution of the united States, the Legislative is changed and the form of government is altered, dissolving the Union of States.

Congress cannot give or grant its power of Declaring War to any other entity without dissolving the united States of America. The moment the President takes the power to make war from the Congress by resolution, or any other means, he becomes a Usurper. The moment Congress grants or gives this power to him they become accomplices to Usurpation, rebels and violators of the united States Constitution.

All Congressmen take an oath to defend the Constitution and I therefore must insist that you do so. If you do not, you are responsible for its dissolution and you are a rebel against the people who agreed to the Constitution.

Therefore, nothing short of a Congressional Declaration of War gives President Bush the status of Commander in Chief to command the united States military. Without this there is no nation to defend against Iraq or any other foe, but all men are free again in a state of nature to resist those who make law without authority and to establish their own defense against an internal domestic conquest based on Usurpation and Tyranny.


Ronald F. Avery

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