Dear Keith,

Here I am at Shady Pines. While I wait for the orderly to bring my TV for the latest on Anthrax, I'm thinking that bin Laden is the dumbest Arab in the whole wide world, who our own CIA trained. Why did this idiot wait until the US got a President who set up legislation for "Homeland Security" in March of 2001 to crash into the WTC and the Pentagon! What was bin doing while Clinton was getting aroused in the White House? That would have been perfect! Clinton would have had something to do besides smoke flavored cigars and Congress would have to quit reading the Star Report in the closet and get some legislation started on defending America.

I think the orderly has some medicine for me. He won't let me wear my herringbone jacket or smoke my pipe with my double brim cap. I don't know about the CIA or what it does, but I think it does more than teach a guy how to shoot a gun. I don't even know if they still have his phone number. But I still wonder what he has gained, as an Arab in the Arab world, by crashing into the World Trade Center. Saudi, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, India, China, Russia, Iraq, and Egypt all are on our side against "TERRORISM."

And in America, we are scolded for not trusting Muslims and any other foreigner. Therefore, I can only dislike the guy the "government" tells me is the "bad guy." The government tells us we are supposed to go back to our business and not to worry and to trust government that they are doing all they can to get the bad guys. Opps, here's the news, They are already talking about "homegrown terrorists" like Timothy McVeigh. They never mention WACO. I guess that was OK, that was a bunch of "religious fanatics." I always thought that's what the whole nation of Israel was. We don't even have a cross on our flag but they have a Star of David on theirs. Oh well, I will wait until they tell me how I should feel about these things.

I often wonder however, how our "government" can get away with violating so many of the prohibitions of the Constitution of the United States. I wonder why our government has to back Israel on every issue and why we put up with them when they will not do the simple things we ask of them when we always support them. I wonder why Jerry Springer, a Jew, can have a show in America that shows nothing but the gentile as a low life swine. I wonder why we should support Israel even if it means violating every law of the United States to do it.

Who really has the biggest motive for the installation of "Homeland Security" or Marshall Law in the United States? Who is really afraid of the freedom of Americans? Is it Osama bin Laden or is it our own "government" and its dependency on credit from the world bankers to continue the fraudulent, moneyless economy that Americans have enjoyed for 60 years?

As my surroundings fade and distort painlessly, in my lawn chair under the tall pines, I see ole bin getting a paycheck from his old trainers. They are saying to him that he has helped America pave the way for the war on worldwide terrorism. Thanks to bin, America will lead the world in the fight against bigger terrorists than ole bin. Ole bin has made a way for the defense of traditional monetary power against the half-baked ill-conceived fundamentals of liberty, that old troublesome disease that festers to a head every now and then.

Who knows what is next in the world's forced march toward the New World Order? But, you too will march to it, as you have already indicated that you can't wait for a European Currency. We will have a one-world democracy where all power, economy, and religion is in the control of tyrants. The only enemy will be the individual who doubts the righteousness of the new priests that vote your liberties in and out at their own will.

The war on terrorism will never be over. It will be here when I wake. I will wonder when I will be the target for my thinking. We will never see the newspaper headline that says:






Where does this paranoia come from? Free use of the mind, or a chemical imbalance? All that our forefathers warned us of, we have instituted recently knowing that our "government" was in violation of the law on September 10, 2001. On October 24, 2001 we have set aside the troublesome law of the land so this "government" can protect us with any means it wants without recourse. Now it seems appropriate, but in time we will see this perversion mutate into something not so secure.