Dear Editor,

I want to know why in Christian America Christian Evangelists can be slandered and black and white gentiles can be humiliated all day long by Jews like Jerry Springer but one cannot make an observation about a Jew or a group of Jews without being called a bigot or anti-Semitic. A friend of mine emailed me a link to a Cal Thomas article today posted at townhall.com at:


Cal Thomas attacked the integrity of the greatest known American evangelist. Mr. Thomas said that Billy Graham compromised his principles in order to please President Nixon in a private meeting in 1972 when Graham was 53 years old (prime time age of maturity). The following is a quote from the article:

Billy Graham was embarrassed by release of a 30-year-old tape on which he was heard telling President Richard Nixon that Jews had a "stranglehold" on the American media, which needed to be broken because it was ruining the country.

"You believe that?" asked Nixon.

"Yes, sir," replied Graham.

"Oh boy. So do I," said Nixon, adding, "I can't ever say that but I believe it."

"No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something," Graham said in a reassuring tone.

Is that Satan I hear laughing? Or is it the ghost of the late atheist leader, Madalyn Murray O'Hair?

Thomas reports that the 83-year-old Graham, in poor health, has apologized for his remarks, saying he did not recall making them - but not denying he did. I wish I could have heard the circumstances of that apology. I would have preferred to hear what he would have said about it 30 years ago in his prime.

Now from this mere observation made by Mr. Graham, Mr. Thomas derives the most twisted moral supposition I have ever heard. Thomas says:

On the tapes, one hears Graham compromising his principles in order to please Nixon. Perhaps realizing where he was headed, Graham also tells the president: "A lot of Jews are great friends of mine (because)... they know I am friendly to Israel and so forth." But then Graham gives in to the lower nature in us all, possibly fearful of offending the man whose company he enjoys keeping: "But (Jews) don't know how I really feel about what they're doing to this country, and I have no power and no way to handle them," he says.

"You must not let them know," replies Nixon.

Had Graham spoken "truth to power" and said of Nixon's derogatory remarks about Jews, Mr. President, those were wicked and sinful things to say about Jewish people," chances are excellent that Nixon would never again have granted the evangelist access.

Apparently, Thomas wasn't listening too well to his own article. It was Billy Graham, himself, telling Nixon about the "stranglehold" on the media! It was Nixon agreeing with Graham not the other way around! It is Nixon that has fear about what he can say!

The quotes of Graham and Nixon in the Thomas article are nothing to be ashamed of nor do they sound like bigotry or insanity, as Thomas suggests. Why would it be a compromise of Graham's principles to observe a slant in the media leaning toward another world-view? Graham is a Christian! That means he's not a Jew! Do we all have to go blind, deaf and dumb to live in the new Jewish America? Is it bigotry for gentiles and Christians to trust their own faculties and senses? Where in the hell are we going?


Ronald F. Avery