Dear Editor,

I am beginning to see a trend here. Bush has said there needs to be a Palestinian state adjacent to Israel. And Arial Sharon says he likes the idea. At the same time we are capturing nations like Afghanistan and Iraq and threatening Iran and Syria with conquest. The picture is coming clear now. The Jews now will accept the idea of a Palestinian state only if the entire Arab world is neutralized by Jewish monetary puppets (Western World).

But even if the Western puppets are successful at neutralizing the entire Arab world, the Jews in “Israel” still have a problem. We have known for at least 300 years that the only real legitimate way to form a nation is by the consent of the people. And this can only be obtained by the will of the people that inhabit the location of the proposed government. There are examples of this going on in our land today.

The so-called “Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas” has the identical problem as the modern so-called “State of Israel.” Once a society or the laws that they established to hold them as one is abandoned the society or laws thereof cannot be renewed without the consent of a majority of those that inhabit the land where it is to be located. The case before the “Republic of Texas” is that the laws of the 1836 republic were abandoned when it was assumed that it became a state of the United States. A fluke such as an improper annexation of the republic into the United States does not reactivate the existence of the legitimate Republic of Texas of 1836. The actual facts showing that the republic of Texas was never really annexed into the United States does not re-establish the same.

The identical case before the modern Jewish state of “Israel” is the subject land and the laws of the Mosaic “Promised Land” was abandoned and mostly inhabited by Arabic Muslims from about 400 AD to 1913. The Israelites cannot re-inhabit this land and form a legitimate society and government without the consent of a majority of the inhabitants of that land. This is why the Jews continue to settle the lands around present day Israel. They still do not represent the majority of the population there. But they are driving out the existing Arab Muslim population that has inhabited the area for 1500 years. The Arabs are acquiring the right to resist encroachment and invasion by a hostile people that are taking the land by force with the help of a dumbed down Western population that now rejects all their own Christian heritage and their own fundamentals of civil government that they once fought the world to institute.

To reject the idea of government by the consent of the people, is to reject the most important fundamental of the liberty in the United States of America. There is no Biblical principle that is in dispute with this idea. “Government by Consent” was established in light of what Christ Jesus did for all of us rendering us all equal under God and transferring all the blessings promised to Israel to the Christians. Therefore, the present day state of “Israel” is a fraud of end time proportion and could only come about by the eclipse of Christianity. The legitimate state of Israel is the whole cosmos transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven by Christ Jesus. Therefore, I, as a transformed eternal Christian cannot ever support the state of “Israel” at the cost of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians, Americans or any other group of people.



Ronald F. Avery