11/11/01 FYI

Dear Editor,

John Locke (300 years ago) defined the sole purpose of government for our forefathers: "The great and chief End therefore, of Mens uniting into Commonwealths, and putting themselves under Government, is the Preservation of their Property. To which in the State of Nature there are many things wanting." And he also defined Property as " This makes him willing to quit this Condition, which however free is full of Fears and continual Dangers: And 'tis not without Reason, that he seeks out, and is willing to joyn in Society with others, who are already united, or have a Mind to unite, for the mutual Preservation of their Lives, Liberties and Estates, which I call by the general Name, Property."

I was asked tonight if I believed in the need for the United Nations to help control "Rogue Nations." I explained that the United Nations was a criminal organization that had no right what so ever under the long established laws of nations. My friend had no idea of why I could say that, so I explained that statement. John Locke again made clear the concept of the extent of the legislature: "For nobody can delegate to another more Power, than he has in himself; and no Body has an absolute Arbitrary Power over himself, or over any other, to destroy his own Life, or take away the Life or Property of another…the Legislative can have no more than this."

I do not, nor does any other American citizen have a right to say how the citizens of Afghanistan are treated. Therefore, I cannot transfer any right to congress to alter the treatment of women in Afghanistan. Every sovereign nation has laws that deal with their concept of evil and how it is punished. How would India acquire a right to bomb America out of the immoral act of killing sacred cattle? How do we acquire a right to bomb Afghanistan into unveiling and disrobing their women? You don't have a right to change their custom and you can only delegate what you have to your government.

Now, my friend said, "you don't think that the U.N. should help nations escape evil leaders?" I replied again that the U.N. has no authority at all under the law of nations and is therefore the instrument of worldwide tyranny. Returning to John Locke, we know that the legislature cannot delegate or transfer their power to others: "The Legislative can have no Power to transfer their Authority of making Laws, and place it in other hands. The Legislative neither must nor can transfer the Power of making Laws; to any Body else, or place it any where, but where the People have." There is no provision in the u.s. Constitution for such a transfer and therefore the U.N. has no authority over the U.S. nor can it act for us in any capacity. And it cannot derive this authority or power from any other nation. The Legislative is supreme and dissolves itself upon an attempt to transfer its delegated authority. The first of five ways to dissolve a nation outlined by John Locke is to alter or change the legislative. "First, When the Legislative is altered. When any one or more, shall take upon them to make Laws, whom the People have not appointed so to do, they make Laws without Authority, which the People are not therefore bound to Obey; by which means they come again to be out of the Subjection, and may constitute to themselves a new Legislative, as they think best, being in full liberty to resist the force of those, who without Authority would impose any thing upon them." Therefore, any nation whose legislature affirms or bends to the will of the United Nations is no longer a sovereign and independent nation and their people are now slaves to a foreign power. The United Nations has a Legislature, an Executive and a Judiciary and any nation that gives ascent to any part of the U.N. is no longer a free nation.

One of the most alarming statements I have heard in my life was made by President Bush in his November 8, 2001 speech:

"We are at the beginning of our efforts in Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is only the beginning of our efforts in the world. No group or nation should mistake Americans' intentions: Where terrorist group exist of global reach, the United States and our friends and allies will seek it out and we will destroy it."

President Bush nor those who pull his strings are bound by the laws of the United States or the laws of nations. We are at a critical moment. If we cannot confine our President and those whom he serves to the laws of this nation and the laws of the brotherhood of sovereign nations then we have allowed evil to overflow our nation into the world. Our nation has laws to deal with our view of evil and to punish it accordingly. If we cannot contain our President and our Legislature to the laws of our Constitution then we have allowed our evil to spill upon others. It will then be the lawful job of others to bring us into subjection to the just laws of nations.

God, himself has established the laws of nations and the natural law from which they have sprung. Do we now in God's name allow our own rogue government to stalk the whole earth in search of evil and terrorism? This Presidential proclamation is beyond our authority and outside the authority of the United Nations. What Christian can claim an allegiance to Israel so sacred that our nation should violate the laws of nations and our own CHRISTIAN inspired Constitution to sustain?

The powers of the Congress of the united states are not arbitrary. They are limited to the specific written enumerated powers of the Constitution. There is no provision for the Congress to grant its authority for the President to enter foreign sovereign nations to destroy evil, feed the poor, liberate the women, educate the ignorant, deliver mail to the kids, or destroy terrorists. Our legislature has the power to declare war at which time the power to command the military is given to our President. Without the declaration of war our President cannot command one soldier to do one thing. This is the law of this land and it should be punished when it is broken. If we cannot control our own President then we are no better than the Afghans who can't control Osama bin Laden, or the Irish who can't control the IRA. Congress must name the enemy nation and declare war upon it. And upon doing so, we the people, need not hear about saving them or feeding them!

Bush said, "the American people are accepting new responsibilities, as well." We should all do this as our forefathers did in Colonial times. It's time the American people reclaim their title of the "free and the brave." It's time the brave insist that their elected representatives conform to the laws of the land, the laws of nations and treat all nations with equal good will as George Washington adjured us to do.

You can see George Washington's warning in full at www.PostWTC.com



Ron Avery