Dear Editor,

When are the people of the U.S. going to get a vision of the presidency that conforms to the laws of the United States of America? George Bush is getting visions of how the worlds nations should be and he can't seem to follow the vision that our founding fathers gave us in the law of our land.

The Washington Times reported Bush as saying the following in his visit to South Korea: "My vision is clear. I see a peninsula that one day is united in commerce and cooperation instead of divided by barbed wire and fear. Korean grandparents should be free to spend their final years with those they love. Korean children should never starve while a massive army is fed. No nation should be a prison for its own people." Did Hitler have visions for Poland?

Mr. Bush's vision to feed the babies of Korea, liberate the women of Afghanistan, educate the children of Iraq, give jobs to the men of Iran, is contrary to the laws of the United States of America. To prove this I will quote Charles Montesquieu, from his book The Spirit of the Laws. William J. Federer has stated that in reviewing nearly 15,000 items written by the Founding Fathers, Montesquieu was the most frequently quoted source, next to the Bible.1

"It is better to say that the government most in conformity with nature is the one whose particular arrangement best relates to the disposition of the people for whom it is established.

"Individual strengths cannot be united unless all wills are united. The union of these wills, as Gravina again aply says, is what is called the CIVIL STATE.

"Law in general is human reason insofar as it governs all the peoples of the earth; and the political and civil laws of each nation should be only the particular cases to which human reason is applied.

"Laws should be so appropriate to the people for whom they are made that is very unlikely that the laws of one nation can suit another.

"Laws must relate to the nature and the principle of the government that is established or that one wants to establish, whether those laws form it as do political laws, or maintain it, as do civil laws.

"They should be related to the physical aspect of the country; to the climate, be it freezing, torrid, or temperate; to the properties of the terrain, its location and extent; to the way of life of the peoples, be they plowmen, hunters, or herdsmen; they should relate to the degree of liberty that the constitution can sustain, to the religion of the inhabitants, their inclinations, their wealth, their number, their commerce, their mores and their manners; finally, the laws are related to one another, to their origin, to the purpose of the legislator, and to the order of things on which they are established. They must be considered from all these points of view."2

It is clear to me that George Bush is not qualified to set up his vision of government in all the nations that he has listed as those needing our assistance, e.g., "the axis of evil" and some 9 or 10 others. With the recent threat of nuclear terror in the USA and nations coming together to resist our assistance we had better get control of Mr. Bush pretty soon!


Ronald F. Avery



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