Dear Editor,

As we can see already, it is not "racial profiling" that will be conducted now. It is IDEA PROFILING. If you are not totally "UNITED behind our government," the citizens will cry out to have you "deported." To where will they deport me? I was born and raised in Texas.

Can our "government" protect us from "terrorism?" Did the World Trade Center (WTC) completely collapse or not? Did a jet crash into the Pentagon itself or not? Has Anthrax infected us in Florida or not? Was our "government" on high alert before this? One of the first acts of President G.W. Bush was to alter FEMA from a natural disaster response group to a "terrorist" response group. In March of 2001, congress proposed a bill to create the "Homeland Security Strategy Act of 2001." What do you think the chances of passing that act were prior to the WTC? What representative of either or any party would stand up prior to the WTC and argue for a bill that placed the National Guard under the direction of internal federal police? This bill creates an organization worse than a " nc-antrax.jpg gestopo." Webster's paperback dictionary gives a short definition of this word, "terrorist secret police organization operating against persons suspected of disloyalty ." Bush's HLS organization includes the use of the ARMY against internal suspicion. This is contrary to our way of life and the natural law.

Now are we talking about government protection or protection of government ? The WTC allowed the passage of this bill with "flying colors" which permits the FBI, CIA, BATF, ETC. to use the army on American soil to "tract down every rumor, every hint, every possible evil doer." That GWB definition includes every man, woman and child of the U.S. And just in case you are getting a little alarmed, "Americans ought to go about their business."

What is our business as Americans? Our business, Mr. President, is "Operation Enduring Freedom," or eternal vigilance of our own government "to prevent the misconstruction or abuse of its powers (Preamble to Bill of Rights)." Now you can either, take the advice of your own President and the "government," and go back to sleep in "faith" that you will wake up alright. Or, you can get sober and seek the truth, in God's Grace, about the laws of civil government and how far they rightfully extend.

Government's job is to protect the property of its citizens. nc-pd-usa.jpg That property includes the liberty as well as the life of its members. It cannot protect life by suspending liberty! Liberty itself is the only real protection against Terrorism. And as history teaches, government can terrorize its own citizens. Who ya gonna call? What Militia of armed citizens? That's no longer here! It left with the second amendment!


Ronald F. Avery

Patriot before Patriot was cool.