Dear Editor,
I saw and heard former Senator Gary Hart make the following statement on PBS Newshour on July 17, 2002. He made this statement while discussing Bush’s plan for his proposed Department of Homeland Security:

"I think the question is, I think the question recurs on what happens before that and who should have the lead role. I am a very strong believer that the National Guard should have that role for constitutional and statutory reasons. It exists because the Constitution created it to defend the homeland, and that's what its principal mission should be. And that's what this strategy document indicates it should be."

I now challenge him and every other American or otherwise to find the creation of the National Guard in the Constitution of the United States of America. Therefore, the National Guard is an illegal group of soldiers, "illegal combatants," you might say. The National Guard has no function other than to oppress the citizens of the United States. The illegal creation of the National Guard is, itself, an oppressive act done by those running our country from Washington D.C., who have a foreign agenda, alien to the real principles of liberty that America was first founded upon.

Ronald F. Avery