Dear Editor (Seguin Gazette Enterprise),

I’m watching (6/2/03) Ted Koppel interviewing General Nash Ret., Council of Foreign Relations and, Dr. Jane Lute, United Nations Foundation, on Nightline concerning the “transition” in Iraq. It is so obvious that it hurts. G.W. Bush and his mob of tyrants, who infiltrated the Republican Party, came up with a plan to reshape the world and it is based upon lies. The top two lies are these; first, that the people of Iraq wanted to be liberated by the United States, second, that the nation of Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction.

There is constant talk of the Iraqi people creating a better government for themselves but when you see the news they are in the streets demonstrating against the occupation troops, the so-called coalition (US, UK and Spain). Now the one time soldiers in the Iraqi army are demanding a place in the new Iraqi army or they say they will become suicide bombers. Well so much for the people wanting liberation from Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi people have done little but protest and complain to the conquering armies of the new world order. Notice there was no waiting army under a George Washington to meet the French Fleet at Yorktown and accept the surrender of Cornwallis and take charge of the new nation. None of this was even similar in Iraq. We have no business pretending this condition and then capturing the nation and reshaping it in our own image. But that is what bankers do when they confiscate all the wealth of the world in the hands of only several groups.

Now we also see that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They found a trailer they claim was a mobile biological weapons lab. Well, I think I saw a van pass me real fast the other day with a small lab in it too. After inspection of this trailer they could not find a trace of biological agents. Not a trace! When the UN found nothing, Bush told them that our “intelligence agencies” know right where it is. Now after months of searching with our military and “intelligence,” we still can’t find the weapons.

Now we hear Gen. Mash and Dr. Lute tell us we need more troops to convince the Iraqi people that liberty is theirs. Gen. Mash says the Pentagon has not realized the commitment needed to establish the liberty of the Iraqi people. And Dr. Lute says this “transition to democracy” is going well. No additional Conquering troops can bring Liberation. The Iraqis are now our protectorate and we have nothing ahead but the extreme expense building cities and feeding people in a land that hates us.

While all our troops are going to Iraq to impress upon the Iraqis their need to love liberty more, AG Ashcroft is pushing for more tyranny at home to stop, imprison, wire tap and try citizens in America without due process under the so-called “Patriot Acts” in Congress. When are you stupid Democrats and Republicans going to wake up? We don’t have a nation of laws any more and we have no business spreading our tyranny and usurpation in any other land. I say we impeach Bush, and his anti-American Cabinet. And if the UK is smart they will get rid of Blair too. These guys aren’t conservatives or liberals they are criminals who have usurped the power to make war and did it by orchestrating falsehoods to enflame the passions of the English to obtain their own agendas contrary to the interests of free men everywhere.



Ronald F. Avery