Dear President Bush,

I heard tonight on ABC's NightLine that the Christian conservatives in America perceive that Israel is desperately trying to preserve their nation from terrorism. It was also said that this same bunch would like to see the Palestinians have a country next to Israel and a future where their children do not blow themselves up. It was also stated that a growing number in America would not side with either country (25%).

Palestine ceased to exist when it was conquered by the British in 1917. At this time the worldwide banking empire of Rothschild had already owned Germany, France, England and America. Rothschild had bought the entire national debt of England for 10 cents on the dollar by insider trading by concealing the fact that Wellington had defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo. The Rothschild empire took over American banking in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Rothschild was operating through J.P. Morgan and Warburg to accomplish this.

"The second son, Salomon Rothschild (1774-1855) remained in Frankfurt until the end of the Napoleonic Wars."1

"The youngest son, James Rothschild (1792-1868), founded the Paris branch of the house of Rothschild in 1817. For 50 years he remained the most powerful banker in France. He also became a noted philanthropist and leader of French Jewry. Alphonse Rothschild (1827-1905), the eldest son of James, was a prominent banker and philanthropist. The youngest son, Edmond James Rothschild (1845-1934), helped to finance the establishment of Jewish communities in Palestine" 2

It is clear that what was Palestine for 1400 years, in the hands of Arab Muslims, is now Israel by the actions of Jews who now own not only Israel but the whole Western World as well. This came about via corrupt banking practices that are illegal under the Christian Constitution of United States of America.

"In November of that year (1917) he (Lord Balfour) issued the so-called Balfour Declaration, a statement to the effect that Great Britain would support the creation in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." 3

Now there is no home for the Palestinian Arabs! What was once called Palestine is now called Israel. This was done by military might of enslaved Englishmen and Americans under the yoke of fraudulent worthless currency and cartels called central banking. Look on a globe or a listing of nations - you will not find Palestine. Under a UN agreement called the Oslo Agreement there were to be areas that Jews could not settle, in and around Israel, set aside for Palestinian Arabs. The Jews are in constant state of settling and occupying these areas in violation of those agreements causing great stress.

"As a result of the restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement, and given that they are all detained in Israel, it has been reported that Palestinian detainees have not been able to receive family visits and meet with their lawyers. In addition, the Special Committee was informed that large numbers of Palestinian minors are detained in Israeli prison facilities under the same conditions as adults. Although some 2,000 prisoners were released in October 1995 and January 1996 following the signing of the Oslo II Agreement, the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention facilities remained high and has increased after the recent wave of arrests."4


Under the well known principles of liberty, no right is gained by an illegal conquest. The desire to establish a homeland for Jews is not, and cannot, establish a reason to invade, conquer and expel another people. Hear the clarity of John Locke on the issue:

"…in the noise of War, which makes so great a part of the History of Mankind, this Consent is little taken notice of: And therefore many have mistaken the Force of Arms, for the Consent of the People…"

"…the Aggressor, who puts himself into the State of War with another, and unjustly invades another Man's Right, can, by such an unjust War, never come to have a right over the Conquered, will be easily agreed by all Men, who will not think, that Robbers and Pyrates have a Right of Empire over whomsoever they have Force enough to master, or that Men are bound by Promises, which unlawful Force extorts from them."5

Now, no Jew in Israel has claimed that the Palestinians singled out Jews and harmed them in England, America, Germany or elsewhere. Therefore, the Jewish "national right to exist" cannot cancel the established right of Arab Muslims in Palestine for 1400 years prior to 1917. As a Christian American, I reject the idea that the Jew has any more right to inhabit any particular area in the cosmos other than that right obtained by consent of the inhabitants. The cancelled Old Testament cannot establish a Jewish right in Israel over any other people based upon the Old Testament alone. Christ Jesus has redeemed all things and all people. Why can't we all live together in the Kingdom of Heaven? I strongly disagree with Ariel Sharon's claim that a new leader is needed over the Palestinians, for no one can control the hopeless suicidal minor just out of prison.


Ronald F. Avery

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