Dear Editor,

I was talking to three recent college graduates the other night for about 2 hours. Education continues to crumble in America! Their ideas consisted of the following:

  1. Law, Constitutions, and principles do not ultimately matter to nations, rather it is economies that sustain them.
  2. God did not grant man any rights other than "free will."
  3. They listed a long line of abuses that our Founders committed against the people in America including Indians, blacks, immigrants, women, minorities etc. to demonstrate the weakness of our founders and their philosophy and Constitution.
  4. A government has a right to sacrifice a few to save the whole.

To number one, I replied that a true economy is dependent upon liberty and the first principles of civil government established in our violated Constitution. The wealth of nations spring from law and principle.

To number two, I replied that modern theologians have confused our lack of rights before God, as our judge, with our rights with respect to each other. God's shall-nots give rise to the rights of men when these shall-nots are violated by the exercise of the "free will" of man.

To number three, I asked a question, "Is there any reason then, why America should prevail in our war against terrorism? If we have no law or principle that matters and we have damaged many innocent people under our law, why should we expect God to hear our prayers for victory?" To this they merely said that our people were attacked on our own land. I asked, "Then what was our revolutionary war about? We were Englishmen fighting Englishmen in English Colonies." They were speechless. I said we were fighting about rights, who had them to do certain things in defense of those who were doing things they had no right to do.

To number four, I said, "What if our government knew something about the impending destruction of the World Trade Center? Would that have an impact on the validity of Bush's war on terror declared against every nation?" I continued, "we knew something about the sinking of the Lusitania to enter WWI and we knew something about Pearl Harbor to enter WWII." They replied that in those cases "the ends justified the means" that a few be sacrificed for the survival of many. I replied, "not in America my friends, for we know that the sole purpose of government is to protect the property of every man, women and child." Their property we know consists of their life, liberty and possessions. And we also know, by the law of delegated authority, that we cannot delegate to our representatives any thing we don't have a right to in our selves. Since I don't have a right to sacrifice you or your family for the preservation of the whole neighborhood, I cannot delegate that thing to my representative. Our government could ask for volunteers but not sacrifice any without their knowledge and consent.

Now what is the difference between our foreknowledge of the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor and the WTC? Not one thing, they are all 3 immoral and illegal. The only difference between them is that there was an almost global conflagration in WWI and II, while the WTC gave Bush a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to implement the Bush, Cheney, Khalilzad 1995 "grand strategy" to "reshape the Post Cold War world."

Pray to Christ Jesus and our father, for an increase in the knowledge of our hard won rights in progression for 2000 years, so that we obtain a will to resist federal tyranny in America. For without right there is no will, free or otherwise. And tyranny will grow and rule where there is no will to resist.


Ronald F. Avery