Part 2 - Can a Nation be bombed into Patriotism?

Can you give a definition of liberty yet? I bet you haven't tried this lately. Can you tell who the author of liberty is? If you can, can you determine if the author will assist us in the escape of terrorism without your ability to define liberty? Yes, run to your Bible. But will our neglect of the principles of

liberty, established by 2000 years of Christian blood, be winked at

by God because we're just really special people?

If we really want to control the outcome of this colossal barbaric attack on America, welded into our minds, each individual citizen will have to become responsible for becoming a patriot. No government can grant liberty or make patriots and neither can a terrorist. All the proclamations, legislation and appropriations will not do one thing to free our nation from terrorism. Because

terrorism has boldly walked in the front door of our ignorance. Terrorism has sat down at our dinner tables and supped with our families. But terrorism cannot exist in the land of liberty. Terrorism is what subjects must suffer.

Therefore, take a look around at yourselves and ask, "who was responsible for this colossal barbarism?" Well, just like Mick Jaggar sang in Sympathy for the Devil, "its you and me." Our neglect of the fundamentals of liberty has allowed terrorism to come in the front door and get comfortable in our homes. And how will we then procure justice? We must kill the Afghan, the Arabs, the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians, the socialists, the communists, the Vietnamese, the capitalists, the atheist, yes everyone. A slave has to kill everything to possess liberty and security granted to him by his task master. And isn't that exactly what we are told we're going to do! We're going to "unite" and go into the "shadows" and "kill the terrorists." Well, look around. Are you looking a little strange these days? Isn't it getting a little dim and dark around here? Are you sure your neighbor isn't acting a little suspicious lately? Do you feel as confident in expressing your real views today as you did two weeks ago?No! We, as a people in America, can no longer afford the lazy slop we have grown accustomed to. We must become patriots the only way we can. We must educate ourselves by reading and studying what the forefathers of this nation knew about the fundamentals of civil government. We can no longer pretend to make ourselves wise by bombing others. So let's raise the flag and check out a book and get on the road to liberty and justice for all. Let's also ask Christ Jesus to forgive us for our lazy ignorance and ask him to restore our knowledge and vigilance. If you would like a list of books, call me at 560-1709 and I will get you one.



Ronald F. Avery